New dissertation defense rules

In order to prevent the widespread dissemination of fake dissertations, the Ministry of Education and Science decided to introduce a number of changes to the work of dissertation councils. Thus, since January 2014, new dissertation protection rules have come into force, which everyone who wants to fight for a degree should know.

Basic requirements for the dissertation

All applicants for academic degrees must prepare and defend a dissertation in strict accordance with certain rules and requirements.

Any dissertation is an independent scientific work, in which there should be scientific provisions that are evidence of their own contribution to science. If you have difficulty writing a dissertation, you can contact our specialists and they will be happy to help you with this.

If the applicant claims to receive a scientific degree of a candidate of sciences, in his work he must provide new unique solutions to problems and issues that really play an important role in the further development of his chosen industry. All these decisions, having a technical, technological or any other character, must necessarily be confirmed by scientific justifications and be very important in the development of your country.

For a candidate applying for a doctorate degree, it is necessary to conduct a series of studies for the dissertation and, based on them, to develop such theoretical provisions important for the whole country that will be equated with a significant scientific achievement or represent a solution to one of the most important issues in the field of:

  • social economics
  • culture
  • politicians,
  • farms.

Each solution that is proposed in the dissertation should have weighty arguments, as well as corresponding assessments in comparison with other solutions that have long been known in the scientific world.

If the dissertation is theoretical, it is necessary to formulate recommendations as clearly and clearly as possible regarding the use of the scientific conclusions presented in it. In the case of an applied dissertation, it is necessary to provide important information regarding the use of the results and decisions contained in it in practice.

The dissertation must be provided to the dissertation council on the basis of paper manuscript.

Innovation in the rules

Each applicant needs to know that the new rules for the defense of dissertations imply the mandatory publication of the full text of this scientific work on the official Internet resource of the organization to which the dissertation council belongs. Here are some important nuances to consider:

  • the text of the dissertation must be published no later than two months before the defense;
  • a doctoral dissertation is published three months before this event.

In any case, dissertations should be accompanied by documents such as:

  • announcement of the defense of a candidate / doctoral dissertation;
  • feedback from leading research leaders;
  • abstract, which is a short and compact summary of the main results of the dissertation.

All these documents should also be published on the website of the dissertation council.

In addition, it is necessary to transfer one copy of the dissertation with two abstracts to the library of the organization of the dissertation council on time. That is, this must be done 2 months before the defense of the candidate and 3 months before the defense of the doctoral.

To defend a dissertation, the presence of opponents is a prerequisite, with the exception of such good reasons as a business trip, vacation or illness, confirmed by relevant documents. Defense of the dissertation is possible even if there are negative reviews from opponents.