Philosophy Essay Topics

Have you been asked to write an essay on philosophy? And you do not even know how to approach this matter? Do not despair! We have prepared for you the information that will be useful when writing this type of work.

An essay is a small essay written in a free, prosaic form and containing the author’s own judgments. For students who are not going to associate their lives with this science, writing an essay on philosophy becomes a very difficult task. Most students have no philosophical experience; modern students are not keen on reading books by famous philosophers. Many attended classes on this subject, which is taught in all institutions of higher education. But few people remember what was discussed at the lectures. But nevertheless, when an essay is asked, it is necessary to concentrate and accomplish this task as accurately as possible.

How to write an essay on philosophy

From the very beginning, you need to decide what you will write about. Themes of the essay on philosophy can be very different:

  • The extensive, generalized topics are quite relevant: “How do I understand philosophy?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “My view of life”, “The place of philosophy in our world”, “My worldview”, etc. Here you can think about it, and There should be no particular complaints against you – you defend your views on various issues. However, it is problematic and it is eloquent to describe one’s point of view.
  • Another option is to use the opinion of a reputable philosopher, here too the teacher will not be able to challenge anything. For example: “The Teachings of Homer”, “Friedrich Nietzsche and his place in philosophy”, “Plato and his teachings on the state” and so on. The choice is wide and you don’t have to suffer by creating very smart offers. Everything is already written to you – the main thing is to correctly use all this.
  • You can, for example, touch on any problem: “The problem of loneliness”, “The problem of the essence of existence”, “The problem of human relations”. Choose any problem you have an idea about and go ahead.
  • Like the story? Try to touch it in your topic: “The formation of philosophy as a science”, “Ancient Philosophy”, “Philosophy of Renaissance”, “Eastern Philosophy”. This makes it possible to present interesting arguments.

In general, you can consider any topics related to the philosophy in which you understand. Do not be afraid to express your opinion – that is what is expected of you in the composition. Now, consider a plan for an essay on philosophy:

  1. Introduction (description of the problem, some thought, quote, which you will reveal later);
  2. Theses (formulation of thoughts) and arguments (proof of what was said, can be supported by personal experience, heard or read);
  3. Conclusion (summarizes, and summarizes the opinion of the author).

Here are some tips on how to write an essay on philosophy:

  • It is necessary to maintain a logical connection of the text;
  • Expressiveness, emotionality will not be superfluous;
  • It is better to use short, affordable offers;
  • Mandatory subjective interpretation of the selected topic;
  • It is important to attract the reader, to capture his attention;
  • Do not reload the essay with long sentences, incomprehensible definitions.

Stick to the above recommendations, select a topic that you understand and be able to communicate well and go ahead. You must get a decent job.