How to raise obedient children?

“Is that my child will never obey me.” If you are someone who repeats the phrase, eye, is in trouble may be that their child-rearing patterns are not working or that your child has health problems.

The first thing you should do is check the child’s age, to confirm it is in the process of understanding words and sentences. This usually occurs from 3 years old. That is why it is normal before this age the child does not follow the recommendations given by adults.

According to pediatric neurologist Alvaro Izquierdo, from 9 months children heed to simple commands. However, on occasion flout the order, because they are at the stage of exploration and knowledge, which is manifested by touch.

From age 2 children begin to understand the orders of the parents, but is only to be 4 they understand the true meaning of obedience.

At 3 years, children begin to understand that the word does NOT change the structure of the sentence. It is therefore necessary for parents to talk to affirmative sentences. For example: instead of saying “do not grab it,” should say “still leaves it.”

Making it happen

To get the child to be obedient, it is also essential to explain to the children always should heed adults who are in charge, parents should deliver what they promise at an early age and instill routines.

With habits, children are disciplined in their activities and, in the same way, they learn to obey orders of the elderly.

However, the fact that a child does not comply with an order of the father, does not mean they are disobedient. If, however, the child always revolts, review the cause of this attitude.

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The specialist Alvaro Izquierdo explains other reasons why a child may disobey “may have mental retardation, poor language comprehension, attention deficit disorder or challenging position.”

If the case is that the house is terrible and the school a ‘holy’, or vice versa, should review education strategies. In some of the places are failing with child rearing.

How to recognize it?

A disobedient child is one who makes tantrum, rage, anger situations, who ignore the rules that put you at home or at school.