Self Esteem

Self-esteem issues have stemmed from something greater. It may have been an experience with someone somewhat intimate in your life who has criticized you and the types of qualities that you have to offer. It may have been a physical critique which has caused you to feel insecure while meeting new people. You’d be surprised as to how words can impact a single soul for all of eternity.

Before I advise you on how you can fix your self-esteem issues you should first acknowledge that some of the most iconic and intelligent people who have impacted culture and society have been unattractive or unsatisfactory in the physicality department. Over time, the importance of sex and attraction has been enhanced and created to be something quite unreal. We are surrounded by women and men who are air-brushed to a T. We then gain the insight that we should look like them because they are the ones with the fame, money and success.

From experience, I can tell you that these people have had some of the worst self-esteem problems. This comes from a competition streak deep inside of you that is only going to hurt you and dampen the other areas of life in which you should be working on. Self-esteem problems are quite normal, but… if you really considered how often other people don’t think about you (even if you are the most beautiful woman on earth) you would feel a lot better about yourself when you are presenting your image to others.

Get a paper right now and write down all the compliments that you have ever received – whether it’s intellectual, kind, funny, strong, generous or independent there are noteworthy traits that you must come to terms with before you can nail yourself on the head with things that may not be up to par with somebody else. I’ve known very beautiful people in this world who have turned out to be heart broken by the person they assumed to have loved. Beauty isn’t everything, and it is only being fortunate if you are born with good looks.

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Just like anything else, some of us are born with talents and positive traits. Boosting your self esteem may take time, and that’s okay. Do you know when those insecurities will go away? They will dissolve when you find peers who are just like you, and they may relate to you on the same self-esteem level. You may feel alone but absolutely everybody has self-esteem issues, and that’s the beauty in it all. How insignificant is everyone else’s thoughts on who you are?

They are so irrelevant that it is almost pathetic that so many people feel such great insecurities. You need to walk with your head held high because you are the one and only person on this planet who is just like you. That’s an achievement in itself. Don’t take this life for granted because of others’ perception of you.