Relevance to term paper

When you write an introduction to your term paper, first and foremost you have a task – to justify the relevance of the topic. If the topic is irrelevant, then there is no point in writing a work.

How to determine the relevance of the term paper

The method of determining the relevance of the research in term paper depends on the method of selecting a topic. The easiest way is if you had at least some choice. Then you can build on the reasons why you stopped on this topic, from what it interested you.

Example 1

It often happens that the topics are distributed by the teacher. The list of topics does not change from year to year, and their actual relevance is highly controversial – but in the introduction you need to write something connected and convincing.

The relevance of the research in the term paper can be expressed in different ways, for example:

What benefit will society bring your research.

What are the benefits you personally get from the study of this topic?

What may be due to the relevance in the term paper

Analysis of examples of writing relevance in the term paper allows us to identify several main factors:

The novelty of the subject of study. Relatively recently, virtual money appeared. They are actively discussed, but so far there is little research about them, so their study is relevant.

The transformation of the subject matter. When an education reform is carried out, the study of the principles of building an education system or educational standards is important because of their novelty. Just do not write about the “transition to a market economy” – for 30 years of transition, this phrase has become annoying cliché.

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Scientific discussion. If different scientific schools have different views on a problem, there are heated debates, it is important to study the opinions of different parties and form your point of view.

Practical significance. In the financial analysis of economic activity in recent years there have been no revolutionary changes, but any economist should be able to conduct it; it is necessary for the successful functioning of companies – therefore, the educational analysis is relevant.

Connection with modernity. This argument is convenient to use for historical topics, especially when you can find a parallel.

How to write relevance in term paper

Typically, an introduction begins with a few general sentences describing the topic, after which the relevance is described.

Example 2

You can directly write: “The relevance of the topic of work due to the fact that …”, and bring the factors of relevance.

If you cannot figure out what your work is useful for at least someone, you can search for term papers, dissertations or dissertations on related topics and borrow arguments on the relevance of the research topic from them. A brief justification of relevance is in scientific articles, access to which is easy to get in electronic libraries. The main thing is not to use outdated materials. If the legal article of twenty years ago to justify the relevance indicates recent changes, today they are already “long-standing” and are hardly interesting to anyone.