The practical part of the dissertation

This part of the thesis is the most important component of the entire project. Without it, a positive assessment is impossible to achieve. The work, consisting only of the theoretical part of the dissertation, may receive a “D”, but will be evaluated as textbook rewriting. If you do not have enough time and energy for such a difficult job, you can be content with a satisfactory assessment, or you can just order a job from us. It is simple and inexpensive. You yourself set the price, and the authors are fighting for your order. The final artist is determined only by you and communicate with him directly. And for those who like to do everything on their own, we offer the basic rules for writing the practical part.

Features of writing the practical part

The practical part should be logically related to the theoretical. All theoretical positions must be demonstrated practically.

The basis of the practical part is the data on the object of study. For a lawyer, this is the data of court practice, for a journalist it is several issues of a journal, for an accountant, the reporting of a firm.

Their analysis is the content of this part of the work.

The analysis identifies problems and develops ways to solve it.


The practical part of the graduation project includes 3 subsections:

  • project development and its justification;
  • the results that the student expects;
  • development of problem solving methods.

How to make these structural parts, read the article “How to make a dissertation?”.


To carry out an analysis of the enterprise, court practice, journal, financial statements or whatever, it is necessary to develop a methodology. For different spheres of life there are many different research methods that can be found in textbooks, dissertations and the Internet. However, it may happen that for this work there is simply no specific method of analysis. Then you need to develop it yourself. In this matter, it is best to work together with a supervisor or to entrust this to a professional on our website.

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In the conclusion of this part of the work should write the conclusions to which the student came during the analysis of the object of study. It is best to begin the comments and conclusions with the words: “so”, “respectively”, “in this way”, etc.

These are the main elements of the practical part of the thesis. Here the student shows what he has learned over the years of study, proves his worth as a specialist, shows exceptional abilities. In this part of the dissertation is best to invest maximum effort. It is her that the attestation commission studies in detail. If there is no analysis, formulation of the problem and ways to solve it, the dissertation turns into a regular essay.