The economic part of the graduation project

Student time is far from carefree, as the time comes when you have to take a lot of written work. The logical conclusion of any study is a thesis, the writing of which requires a lot of time, effort and certain knowledge. An integral part of such work for students is the economic part of the graduation project, consisting of a set of calculations, formulas and other accurate information. Moreover, this section will need to be written not only to students engaged in economic specialties, but also engineering, marketing, information and other faculties. So how to write the economic part correctly, and what important nuances in the process of its creation should be taken into account?

The main subtleties of writing the economic part

Writing the economic part of the thesis is quite difficult, since we are talking about accurate calculations and data. Therefore, it will be very important for each student to learn the basic rules and requirements that apply to this work.

The basic rules for writing the economic part include the following:

  • The main goal of the economic part is to confirm the technical solutions described in the thesis, which substantiate the economic necessity and expediency of the enterprise’s activities. A student must not only learn something new while practicing, but also independently draw up his own strategy based on concrete figures and formulas.
  • Also, the economic part must necessarily have a conclusion, which will contain a concise comparative analysis of the technical and economic indicators obtained in the course of writing the work, as well as their comparison with other company data.
  • Like any other section of the thesis, the economic part has its clearly defined volumes. So, it should consist of 10-12 pages of a settlement and explanatory part, and also 1 sheet of a graphic one. At the same time, as well as the thesis, this section must be executed in printed form on A4 sheets.
  • It is not recommended to make a separate introduction for this part. It will be correct to provide at the beginning of the economic part a brief economic and technical description of the enterprise. Such an introduction should take no more than half a page.
  • Registration of the economic part should be carried out taking into account all the guidelines for a particular specialization.
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These are just the most basic rules for writing such a section. In fact, the requirements for the preparation of the economic part are much greater. That is why the student should pay attention to the work turned out correct and high-quality, and the teacher did not send it for revision.

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