Speech to defend the dissertation

To get a high score for a dissertation, it’s not enough just to write a good job. The commission determining the assessment does not read the dissertation completely – it is mainly oriented towards the student’s speech, the student’s protective speech. And here it is important as the content of speech, and its presentation.

The structure of the protective speech dissertation

The specific content of the speech to the defense of the thesis is determined by the direction, theme and content of the dissertation itself. But you can select universal elements that are valid for any graduation project.

First of all, you must contact the members of the state commission, to express your respect for them.

Example 1

The opening speech to the thesis work is usually template: “Dear chairman of the commission and respected members of the commission!”

The prologue. It is necessary to characterize the topic of work.

Relevance of the topic. This stage is devoted to the connection of the topic with the present, its importance at the present time, debatableness, insufficient research. It should be obvious to the commission that studying the topic is important for science or practice. Next, indicate the purpose of the work, tasks, subject and object of study.

Characteristics of the structure. You can mention how many parts includes the thesis, which is devoted to each of them.

The main content of the thesis. In the course of writing, theoretical material was studied, some research, calculations, comparisons were carried out, recommendations were worked out – all this needs to be told. It is advisable to adhere to the same order as in the text of the work.

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Findings. In the end, you need to summarize all of the above, to assess the applicability and effectiveness of the recommendations developed.

The final word. On the defense of the dissertation, it is customary to thank the members of the commission for their attention.

How to write a speech to the thesis

Find a high-quality sample of speech to defend the thesis is quite difficult. If the thesis project itself is stored for a long time in the archives of the university, and the electronic versions of last year’s works are usually with the supervisor, then the text of the speech is not even submitted for checking in printed form.

A speech is made in a form that is convenient for the graduate himself. If the report requires the demonstration of drawings or other graphic information, then in the text of the report the graduate student provides the necessary pauses or remarks.

Example 2

Examples of phrases used to emphasize the commission’s attention to graphic information:

“As you can see on the chart, …”.

“The diagram shows …”.

“The histogram presented on the slide clearly demonstrates that …”

By the time the speech is prepared, the student already has all the necessary material – the thesis itself. Dissertation speech on defense may be based on introduction and conclusion.

Example 3

An example of the use of these parts: the introduction contains the relevance, purpose and objectives of the work, a review of the structure; in conclusion, the most important conclusions on the thesis work have already been highlighted.

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How to prepare a speech for the protection of a dissertation

When writing a speech for protection, it is necessary to take into account that there are purely formal requirements.

Time. The commission should have time to listen to a lot of students, so the time for a protective speech is regulated. You do not need to speak longer than 5-7 minutes (you need to bear in mind that some time will be spent on questions of the commission).

Intonation. The subjective impression of the commission largely determines how the defense of the thesis will proceed. Therefore, the speech should be lively, not monotonous, with moderate gestures.

Style. The main purpose of the speech is to achieve an understanding of the commission. Therefore, it is not necessary to overburden the language with complex constructions and terminology. At the same time, it should be remembered that the commission is professionals in the same specialty, and not people unfamiliar with the topic, and not simplify speech to the limit. The use of common language and conversational elements is unacceptable.

Cribs Students usually have a question whether it is possible to read a speech at the dissertation defense. The story makes a better impression than reading. But you still need a sheet with a speech for thesis. Examples of students who have forgotten the excitement about the important points of their dissertation teach not to neglect the opportunity to look at the printout – although it makes sense to put the presentation on the slides and use them as a legitimate clue.

Pronouns. As with the writing of the dissertation itself, it is unacceptable to use first-person singular pronouns when preparing a protective word for a thesis work.

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Questions After the end of the prepared speech, the commission asks questions – it is an integral part of the defense. To this must be prepared.

Pre-defense. It is better not to be arrogant and to neglect the possibility of rehearsal presented by the university. At the pre-dissertation defense speech is pronounced before classmates, supervisor and commission members. You can not only practice your speech pronunciation, but also remember what questions are asked at the pre-passport dissertation.