Relevant Historical Essay Topics

From students of educational institutions increasingly require an essay. The reason for this lies in the structure of the Unified State Examination. One part of the exam includes a similar task.

So that you can complete it successfully, consider how to write an essay on history.

What to avoid when choosing a history essay topic

Do not take the topic of an essay on history, if you are not sure that you can give exact and correct dates on them. Such works, no matter how interesting and informative they were, cannot qualify for a high score. Reliability of facts and numbers is paramount.

Unsuccessful examples of history essays necessarily contain chronological errors. Not able to track the formation of Caesar? Discard the original idea, take as a basis for a different historical person.

Remember that recent history does not have a single interpretation. An event that took place relatively recently may be regarded differently by inspectors. To rely on it in your judgments, to build your argument with the help of it is not worth it. We advise you to choose essay topics on the history of other centuries and eras. This step will save you from disappointment.

Possible topics of essay on history

  1. The origin of the Americans: current theories.
  2. The relationship of nomads and Americans.
  3. Forgotten civilizations that have made a significant contribution to world history.
  4. Causes of the fall of Byzantium: internal factors.
  5. Reasons for the fall of Rome: the role of the last emperor.
  6. Ancient civilizations: what can you learn from their example?
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How to make a plan for an essay on history

A story essay plan should include:

  • introduction;
  • problem designation;
  • designation of position on the issue;
  • argumentation of opinion;
  • conclusion

The structure is conditional. Many examples of history essays are limited to 3 points. Some have more.