Report example

You need to prepare a report, but have you never done so? A ready-made report example is not quite able to help understand the writing process. You need to understand who, why and how the report is written.

What is a report?

The report is a work in which the student briefly and essentially reveals a question, process, biography, etc. Abstracts play an important role in writing the report. This is the basis of the report. The report should be small, this is a maximum of 5 pages.

How to prepare a report?

  1. The first is topic selection

Choose your current topic that interests you. Do not take too broad a topic or a detailed study. You will have to present new interesting facts, and it will be easier to do if people are unfamiliar with it. If your topic is wide, narrow it down to a specific aspect. It will be so much easier.

If you took a topic and cannot find any information at all, do not drag and change the subject.

  1. The second is information gathering

The first source of information now is the Internet. But do not rely only on him. Firstly, there may be unverified facts on the Internet, and secondly, scientists (if you make a report at the university) are incredulous about such a source. Use only official sites. Do not refer to online sources.

Be sure to use several textbooks, scientific papers, articles, etc. There can be a ton of useful information that you will not find anywhere else. Therefore, be sure to go to the library.

You must have several sources of information. If you use one, the teacher will immediately notice it.

  1. Third – Planning
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Outline the outline of the report based on the information available. It should be built logically and simply. The facts can be stated in chronological order or any other that will fully and systematically reveal the essence of the issue. Do not pile up the facts. Choose a way to present the material so that the listener is interested. Give interesting information in portions, arguing for each thesis and reinforcing it with facts.

  1. Fourth – Writing

If your report involves the analysis of information, feel free to express your point of view. Add life to the report. Use terminology, but not often and not too much. The speech should be as simple and straightforward as possible so that a person who does not know what you are talking about understands everything at a glance. All complex terms need to be clarified.

After writing the report, prepare a short version. Reading five pages is illogical. Make a brief selection based on theses. This will help you not to get lost on the defense.

Before writing, you can take an example from a teacher to understand how he wants to see it. It sometimes happens that you are expected to be more likely to evaluate and characterize information, and sometimes only facts and quotes from authoritative sources.

The report is written in Times New Roman font, size 14, single line spacing. Fields are set at 2 cm on all sides. At the end, be sure to provide a list of sources used.

Do not delay writing the report. It will take a lot more time than it seems. Moreover, if you do not have something to develop with the topic, you will not have time to change it or consult a teacher.