Sample of the introduction of the results of the thesis

Theses, which have an applied nature, must be accompanied by an act or certificate of implementation of the results of the thesis. This document confirms the practical application of your research. What your optimization event, recommendations and suggestions considered and allowed to use in the work. It can be an enterprise, organization or state institution – any place of work where your research is relevant and possible to use.

In fact, this is an optional part of the thesis. But if your school requires it, you will have to arrange it. In addition, a similar document gives weight to your research and automatically raises the grade. A sample of the act of introducing the results of the thesis will be given below.

On the act of implementation must be a seal from the enterprise.

Content of the act of implementation

The act will be based on this scheme:

  • Thesis
  • The data of the author of the thesis
  • Full name of the company
  • A short statement of the problem, which was considered in the thesis and offered options for its solution.
  • List of Open Questions
  • Research results
  • Information on the implementation of the results of the thesis
  • Data on how the results were implemented

The thesis data can be used, implemented, incorporated into the program of the next year, accepted for development, etc.

The act must be signed by the head and sealed.

How to write the act of implementation

The act must contain information that the student participated in the development, the results of these developments are embedded in the work of the enterprise.

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As a rule, no one particularly delves into the content of the act. The main thing that he was.

Use the following wording:

Participated in system development / methodology development,

Analyzed the process … And suggested optimization options …

Developed an implementation mechanism … that will increase / decrease …

In the paragraph about the results of the implementation, use the following expressions:

At the enterprise … Student recommendations … Used for … thanks to this, it was implemented … which reduced the costs of …

In the organization … optimization measures were taken into consideration … thanks to this, the volumes increased … / increased in a short time …

If we are talking about pedagogy, you can indicate that the results were used in:

Preparation of guidelines / lesson plans, etc.

With regard to programming, they indicate: it has been used under specific conditions when developing a device, technology, or implemented …

How can I check the act of implementation?

You can check the act of implementation, but hardly anyone will do it. Even if no one is going to put your research into life (and it will be so), take the trouble to make the act as credible as possible.

If no one has any suspicions, no one will believe anything.

Begins the act of introducing the results of the thesis as follows:

Information on the implementation of research results obtained by a 5th year student of the MIT specialty “Organization Management” Nick Bailey in his thesis work “Optimizing the work of the marketing department in the enterprise.”

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A sample certificate of implementation of the results of the thesis can be easily found on the Internet. If you have difficulty in preparing this document, please contact us. We will prepare for you an act of implementing the results in a short time. Qualified specialists are ready to do your order!