Sample report cover page

The design of scientific work is regulated by standards. This also applies to the design of the report. The report begins with the title page. This is the face of your work, which indicates important information. Of course, everything should be correctly placed and formatted. What does the title page sample look like?

Information on the title page of the report

The following data is indicated on the title page of the report:

  • the name of the institution
  • Title of the report
  • Name of the author, or authors
  • Information about the author (academic degree, where he works or studies)
  • City
  • annotation

Presentation of the title page of the report

In the upper part of the sheet in capital letters write the word “REPORT”, under it indicate the topic of the report. The name should be clear, but as short as possible. Three lines – the limit of the topic name.

The title of the report is as follows:

  • font Times New Roman,
  • Bold
  • font size 14pt.
  • All words are capitalized.
  • The name is aligned in the center, indentation is not necessary;
  • the intervals along the sides of the text (before the first line and after the last line) should be 12 pt.

Next, indent and indicate the names of the authors of the report. If there are several, then the first one is written, which the report will protect. All the rest in alphabetical order. Font Times New Roman without bold or italics, size – 12pt, small uppercase. The text is centered. Indents and intervals in the text are not set. Initials stand in front of a surname. Authors, if there are several, are indicated with a comma. The point at the end is not set. If co-authors work or study in different places, then organizations are numbered. They are indicated by indices and are placed after the surname without a space.

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The name of the place of work / study is written in Times New Roman font, the text does not stand out in any way, size 12 pt.

The text is centered. Indentation is not necessary. At the edges of the text you need to set the interval at 6 pt. The organizations in which the authors work / study need to be numbered. Each number must be put in front of the name of the organization without a space. Set the number as an index, choosing the top location.

At the bottom of the sheet is an abstract to the report.


Annotation is a short presentation of your report. A few points on which the work is based. After reading the annotation, a person must understand what will be discussed in the report. This is like a small job certificate.

An annotation must be written for each report. The volume of annotation should be no more than 10 lines.

The abstract is drawn like this:

  • font Times New Roman plain,
  • size 10 pt.,
  • justified in width
  • padding to the left and right of the text is 8 mm.

Before the text write the word “Abstract”.

The report itself is drawn up as follows: Times New Roman font, size – 14 pt., margins: 2 cm from the bottom, 2 cm from the top, 2 cm from the right, 2 cm from the left, line spacing – single.

A sample title page of a report can easily be found on the Internet. Also take an interest in the teacher – perhaps he will give you an example of work.

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In the work, and especially on the title page, there should be no spelling or punctuation errors. This really spoils the impression of work and the author.

Be sure to take the guidelines of your school. They should be your primary source of information about writing and design, as they will check you on them.