Sample Report

What should be a sample report? What to base on when writing? These questions worry many students, because this work should be carried out taking into account strict requirements.

What needs to be considered during the writing process? First of all, you need to make a reservation about the format. The report is typed and then printed on A4 sheets. At the same time, the volume of the finished material ranges from 4-6 full pages. This is taking into account the illustrations, all the necessary schemes, diagrams, tables. Each page is prepared in a text editor Microsoft Word.

Key job requirements

It should be noted and other important requirements. The report certainly implies:

  • portrait orientation of sheets;
  • lack of arrangement of numbers on pages;
  • thoroughly edited document.

Field design deserves special attention. On the left, 3 cm is left. The upper and lower parts should not be more or less than 2 cm. Indent on the right side of the document is 1.5 cm.

How to make a theme?

This work makes special demands not only on the design of the title page, but even on the indication of the name of the project. The subject of the report is typed in Times New Roman, 14 pt. The letters are strictly uppercase. In this case, a bold font is selected.

Aligning the topic of the report is done in the center of the page. Indentation in this situation is not required, hyphenation is unacceptable. Moreover, you cannot leave any pretexts without a keyword at the end of a line.

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Also on the title page you will need to indicate:

  • authors of the project;
  • name of the organization for which the material is being prepared;
  • year of writing the work.

As for the text of the project itself, it is also typed in Times New Roman font. For this, 12 pt. is selected. It is necessary to align the typed text strictly to the width of the sheet.

Of course, to cope with the writing of the report, taking into account all the nuances indicated, is not easy. It is especially difficult for those students who have to combine university studies and work, as well as family life. If there is no time to create a competent, properly executed work, then it is optimal to turn to experts. Our authors can easily cope with the writing of the report. They will offer ready-made competent, properly executed work at a strictly agreed time.

Separate moments of registration

What else should the sample report take into account? When designing the material, do not forget about:

  • intervals (after the paragraph – 0 pt.; before the paragraph – 6 pt.);
  • single line spacing;
  • indent in 1.25 cm;
  • the introduction of only black and white illustrations or drawings in the spectrum of gray colors;
  • automatic hyphenation.

When writing a report, it is very important to abandon the forced word break or create additional spaces.

If you need to add a formula to the text of the work, you should use the Microsoft Equation 3.0 editor. When making links, each regular source number is indicated in square brackets. Under no circumstances is the use of automatic links to tables, figures, and lists in the material. It is necessary to give links exclusively to those sources that were precisely used in the work.

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As for the drawings used as part of the work, they are performed in JPEG format. Each illustration should be clear and easy to read. For this, it is optimal to use a resolution of at least 300 dpi.