Sample report to the thesis

Writing a report to the defense of the thesis – the final phase of complex, multi-day, painstaking work. The presence of the thesis and its competent defense are the legal basis for assigning the student the appropriate professional qualifications.

The spectacular report is the basis of success.

The report, or the speech delivered by the student on defense, puts a logical point in the learning process. The report can be considered as a kind of presentation of scientific and practical achievements.

The spectacular report is extremely important. Usually, the thesis is read by units, but all those present are listening to the report, especially the members of the commission. The assessment is largely determined by how the student formulates and presents the main provisions developed in the thesis.

The report should interest the listeners, and this is possible only when the information is presented interestingly, consistently, and the student feels free and confident. It is not recommended to read the text of the report; it is better when the content is retold. It is impossible to give a beautiful speech spontaneously, more effectively to prepare thoroughly and in advance. It is good to start with a sample report to the thesis, which will help orient in the preparation.

Report structuring

On the story is usually allocated 7-10 minutes, which corresponds to about 4 pages of printed text (size – 14 with an interval of 1.5). On this volume, and you need to navigate in the preparation of the text.

The content of the report is quite free. The informative part is not regulated by official requirements, but the presence of some elements in its structure is mandatory.

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  1. Entry begins with a greeting to the members of the commission.
  2. Information is fed in a compact dosage. Interesting facts and links to reputable sources are welcome.
  3. Be sure to include:
  • thesis topic;
  • name and title of supervisor.
  1. In fact, in the introduction highlights the main provisions of the introductory part of the thesis:
  • the relevance of the topic, its importance for the industry in which the research was conducted;
  • object of study;
  • research methods;
  • targets and goals.

Topic disclosure

A consistent presentation of the chapters of the work is carried out in accordance with the structure of the thesis. In order to correctly describe the contents of the chapters, it is necessary to carefully re-read the text of the work, noting the significant points. It is recommended to pay attention to the conclusions at the end of chapters.

The theoretical part addresses the prerequisites for the need to develop this topic, the rationale for the adopted methods, after which a description of the subject matter is given.

The analytical part briefly describes the real state of affairs, the course of the research and the recorded results. A wonderful help speech will be a presentation with illustrative materials.


This is a summary. The analysis of the obtained results is shown. It is noted what could be the effect of the introduction of development, the prospects for further work in a given direction. It is important to note the importance of the work done.

At the final stage, the commission is thanked for the attention paid.

What if a student does not have time to prepare a report?

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It happens that the student managed to finish the writing of the text, has a sample report to the thesis, however, he is sorely lacking time for the final breakthrough – writing the text for the final presentation. In this case, do not worry. Our competent specialists who are professionally engaged in writing student work will come to your aid. The report with the presentation material will be prepared for the deadline in exact accordance with the work done. You will only have to carefully read the report and speak with confidence. In addition to the report itself, our specialists will assist in writing a thesis.