Sample of thesis preparation

Writing a thesis – the crown of all the years of student education in higher education. You were afraid of this moment and went to it for several years of your life. And naturally no one knows from which side to approach the writing of the first great scientific work in life. The model of the thesis is very simple.

Consider writing a thesis on points. Having built a scheme of action, you can quickly navigate.


It all starts with the choice of the head. It must be a competent teacher. It is good if you have already written coursework and other works with him. Even better if you have a good relationship with him.

The head of the thesis should help and guide you. In addition, the grade and deadlines for graduation significantly depend on it.

Choose carefully and better in advance, as many universities practice automatic separation of students according to teachers. Agree in advance and defend your choice.

An important point – the scientific title. The higher it is, the better at protection. On the other hand, the higher the title of manager, the less participation he will be able to take in writing your work. This is not a one hundred percent probability, but a very common practice. Choose you.

Preparing to write a thesis

Choosing a manager, you must decide on the topic of work. The manager should help you formulate it as best as possible and more accurately. Based on the topic, you will build your future work.

Next, you prepare a work plan.

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The next stage is the collection of material. Gradually, according to the plan, you should collect a maximum of material from textbooks, monographs, abstracts, etc. Another wealth of information is the Internet. Here you need to be careful and check the data, since no one can vouch for their accuracy.

Collection of practical material. An important part of the thesis is the data that the student received himself. Predegree practice is reserved for this. You should have enough material to build a theory and draw conclusions. This is a very important point in the protection of the thesis.

Writing a thesis

The thesis consists of the following parts:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • findings
  • Applications
  • References

The introduction should be about 5 pages. It marks the subject of the thesis, relevance, subject, object, goals, objectives, etc.

The main part consists, as a rule, of two sections: theory and practice. Each of them, in turn, may consist of several parts.

In the theoretical section, you should as fully and concisely state the information received from sources regarding the topic of the thesis. The statement of the theory should be structured and logical.

In the practical section you present your own development. Show the obtained practical data and analyze them carefully. All information must be documented (photocopies, images, graphs, tables) in the annexes.

In the conclusions you summarize all the work done, the information collected. It is important to make this part of the thesis well, because attention is paid mostly to the introduction and conclusions. Few people will read your thesis completely.

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To issue a thesis

The thesis must be issued in accordance with all standards set forth by the standard. Before signing, you will need to go through normal control. A sample of the thesis and its design can be viewed at your department. It is better to immediately set the necessary parameters in the document, so that later it would not have been long and painful to put it in order.

Writing a thesis in many causes difficulties. If you are not ready to prepare this one yourself, contact us! For you will be prepared competent full-fledged work that you can easily protect and pass.