Sample of synopsis of a thesis

For the orientation of the members of the State Examination Commission in the structure of the protected thesis or project, the performer must include an abstract in the calculation and explanatory note. A sample of the thesis abstract allows members of the State Examination Commission to briefly familiarize themselves with the goals, objectives and positive features of the work.

What is included in the synopsis

The volume of the abstract is usually determined by the issuing department, but usually does not exceed 2 A4 pages (font Times New Roman 14pt, 1.5-2 intervals). The following points are required:

  1. The exact wording of the theme of the project or work, indicating the number of pages of the note and the amount of drawing and graphic documentation.
  2. The structure of the project / work: the number of chapters or sections, the presence or absence of applications (they may, for example, include references to publications on the topic of the thesis, the full text of the programs developed by the graduate, etc.).
  3. Brief description of all sections listed in paragraph 2.
  4. The results of the developments made in the framework of the graduation design, an indication of actually achieved positive results. This may be a positive review of a third-party organization that accepts development for practical use, a copy of a positive decision on the grant of a patent, and sometimes a copy of the patent itself.
  5. The conclusion about the novelty of the solutions presented in the draft and the directions of further work already as a specialist.

Properly and clearly designed sample of the abstract of the thesis, not only can prevent a number of questions during the defense, but also helps the performer to navigate the individual provisions of his report.

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But sometimes the possibility of a graduate thesis for the compilation of the abstract is either very limited or not at all. How to proceed? Indeed, without the presence of the abstract, the work is considered to be inappropriate, and the protection in the State Examination Commission cannot be allowed.

How to get rid of the troubles associated with the lack of the synopsis

An experienced specialist of the relevant profile, who is often engaged in the preparation of such documents, can always compile a qualitative sample of the thesis abstract. It is even better if, at the same time as the order of the abstract, you order the thesis itself. There can be many reasons for such a decision: from the lack of free time for the qualitative design of a graduation project (which often happens when a graduate student is already working on a permanent job) to the banal inability to distribute their forces and cope with the processing of initial information.

Referring to a specialist for help, you need to remember that it can only be provided with:

  • timely contact us for advice;
  • the availability of all the starting materials for the thesis, including also the materials of the externship;
  • the exact amount of requirements for the design of the finished work (they are usually reported by the project supervisor from the university);
  • knowledge of the final tasks posed by the thesis project or work.

Having collected all the required source information, the customer contacts one of our authors, which will be recommended by us. Further is already entirely within his competence. A sample of the thesis abstract prepared as a result of the work, as well as all other documents required for successful defense, will receive a thesis from the author in a timely manner and with the required quality. It is important that in the process of cooperation the student will be provided with the necessary advice and available explanations on all difficult issues.