Sample title page for a research paper

Writing essays is an integral part of any educational process. Moreover, it is very important not only to write a high-quality essay, but also to draw it up properly. Otherwise, teachers can significantly underestimate the grade. Looking at the sample title page of the research paper, you can avoid unpleasant incidents.

General requirements for the design of the title page of the research paper

Sometimes it happens that the teachers in the formation of the assignment for writing an essay do not clearly explain the necessary requirements and rules for the design of this type of work. Therefore, a sample title page of the research paper will benefit students.

For the title page, you must use a blank white sheet of A4 format. The structure of the title page, regardless of the topic of the essay, should include four main blocks. It is necessary to issue each of them in the strictly established order:

  • in the upper block, the full name of the educational institution, as well as the name of the ministry;
  • in the central part of the sheet contains a block indicating the type of work, as well as its full name and topic;
  • in the block on the right below the title of the work, it is necessary to indicate the full name of the author, his course and group, full name of the supervisor, date, signature, here should be left a place for evaluation, put forward by the supervisor;
  • in the fourth, lowermost block, the name of the city in which the institute is located, as well as the year of writing the work, is indicated.
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The design of the upper block

According to existing state standards, all information of the upper block must be framed with such requirements:

  • font type New Roman with size 14;
  • center alignment
  • single line spacing;
  • bold;
  • capitalization.

It should be borne in mind that only the name of the educational institution is printed in capital letters, and the name of the city and the uppermost phrase “Ministry of Education and Science” are printed in regular type.

We must not forget about the fields. The width of the left should be three centimeters, the right one and a half, and the upper and lower two.

The design of the central unit

Looking at the sample title page of the research paper, you can see that its central block includes several main points:

  • the name of the department;
  • work title – research paper;
  • name of discipline;
  • topic of work.

Pay attention to the correct arrangement of all the above information on the page. After the very last line of the top block, you must step back down with two presses of the Enter key. Having indicated the name of the department, you should again press this key twice in a row and write in capital letters the name of your work – a research paper. Since this word plays the main role in the entire title page, a larger font size should be used for it – the size is the best option for size 16. To determine the distance between the next two points, just press Enter.

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The design of the right and bottom blocks

The distance between the center and right blocks is equal to two presses of the Enter key. Next, after aligning to the right, you should specify information about the author in the following order:

  • student (course number);
  • type of department (full-time or part-time);
  • Group number;
  • Full Name;
  • signature.

After that, you need to step back down with two keystrokes of the Enter key and indicate information about the supervisor:

  • position;
  • Full Name.

And from the next line:

  • assessment;
  • date;
  • signature.

Now, having made approximately seven or eight indents down, you can proceed to fill in the final block of the title page. It contains only two lines: the city where the institute is located, as well as the year the essay was written. This block must be centered on the bottom of the title page.