Sample research paper title page for students

Wherever you study – at school or at a university – sooner or later you will encounter writing essays as one of the forms of independent work that occurs in the learning process. Their writing is subject to special requirements that must be observed. This also applies to the design of the title page. You will probably be unpleasant to know that, despite the fact that you carefully worked out and disclosed the topic of the essay, but at the same time incorrectly filled out or underexposed the title page, the teacher did not accept your work. Therefore, a sample title page of an essay for students, verified and accepted by the teacher, will be very useful for you.

Where can I find the right sample title page for students

Here you can consider several options. The first is to use a research paper written by pupils or students a year earlier. The second is to find a correctly designed title page on the Internet and take it as a visual aid.

Why is so close attention paid to the correct design of essays

Firstly, in this way you learn how to properly format your future work (term papers, dissertations, dissertations, and others) from the very beginning. Secondly, you get used to working independently with texts comprehensively.

The design of the title page as well as the entire research paper is subject to strictly regulated rules and norms. No wonder he is called the “face” of all work. Therefore, in order not to hit the face with dirt, special attention needs to be paid to its design. The first impression of the teacher about you as a student depends on the design of the title page.

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How to make a title page

The title page, like all work, is drawn up and printed (or written) on a sheet of paper in A4 format.

Work on the design begins with the alignment of the edges of the fields. On the left we retreat from the edge of 3 cm to the hem. 2 cm on the top and bottom. 1,5 cm on the right edge. This is consistent with the requirements stipulated by the standard. Before starting work, these and other requirements must be clarified at the department or directly with the teacher.

At the top we make out a “hat”, which consists of:

  • full name of the department to which the university or school is subordinate;
  • full name of the university or school;
  • the name of the department.

In the central part, in capital letters we write the word “RESEARCH PAPER”, and below – “By discipline:” (and the name of the discipline). Even lower – “On the topic:” (and indicate the name of the topic itself, which is highlighted in bold).

The right part contains information about the contractor and the reviewer. The name of the student (or student) is written, his course number and group, the name of the specialty.

Below is the position, name of the department, academic degree of the teacher who checks the work, his full name. Below is an estimate. Even lower: the signature of the student who wrote the essay and the teacher who checked the work.

In the lower part are indicated the name of the city and the date of writing of the research paper.

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In all parts except the right, center alignment is done. On the right side – on the right edge. The font used in the work is Times New Roman.

A few words about the numbering. The title page is the first sheet of work. But, despite this, the numbering is not put on it.

If you could not find a sample title page of a research paper, you can contact our specialists. They will quickly and competently solve any of the problems encountered with writing and writing essays.