Sample design of research paper on the standard of 2015

Despite the fact that the essay is one of the simplest types of work compared to graduation or term papers, it is not worth downplaying its importance. As a rule, the first acquaintance with the essays takes place while still at school, and it is at that moment that students learn to draw it up correctly. However, if in school years the requirements for writing a research paper are not so strict, and the teacher may completely turn a blind eye to some errors, then for students the model for writing a research paper according to the 2015 standard is mandatory, because the assessment directly depends on this.

The general sample of research paper design according to the standard of 2015

Like other types of work, the design of research papers is strictly regulated by generally accepted standards. Of course, sometimes there are times when some teachers put forward their requirements regarding the design of the work, but following the standard, you definitely will not be mistaken. The 2015 standard is not much different from the previous ones, however, familiarizing yourself with the general provisions will not hurt. So, what should the research paper look like?

For the research paper, it is necessary to choose white paper of standard A4 format, the text color is black, but color images are allowed.

Font – Times New Roman, font size in the text – 14, line spacing in the text of the research paper – 1.5, and for the title page – 1.

The research paper fields are standard: 3 centimeters – left, because later the research paper needs to be stitched or put into a folder, 1 centimeter – right and 2 centimeters – top and bottom.

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Despite the fact that page numbers on the title page and table of contents are not put, they are nevertheless taken into account in the general numbering. Thus, the numbering begins on the third page with the number “3”.

If drawings, diagrams or other graphic materials are used in the work, they are submitted to applications. In this case, the text should contain a link to the figure containing its serial number and short name.


According to generally accepted rules, the research paper should contain at least five different sources that you used when writing the work. When compiling a list of references, a sample of research paper design according to the 2015 standard will definitely be useful to you, since this is the main part that affected the main changes. So, in the list of references it is necessary to indicate the full and exact name of the source, year of publication, name of all authors, as well as the full name of the publisher. After that, the sources are grouped by importance: first – legislative literature, then – main and periodicals, and at the very end – Internet sources. In each group, sources are listed in alphabetical order.

What to do if the research paper is not drawn up correctly

If the sample design of the research paper according to the standard of 2015 is significantly different from your research paper, then your work, of course, needs to be fixed. It is worth noting that most often such situations arise in those cases if you just downloaded the finished essay from the Internet. Thus, even if you have decided to use the finished work, it is absolutely necessary to double-check it, because you do not know what mistakes the author could have made, and how much its design differs from modern standards. If you do not want to spend time writing work yourself, or if the finished work does not meet accepted standards, it is best to entrust the work to reissue it to specialists.