Scope of the dissertation: requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission

An ex-student who graduated from the university with excellent marks an opportunity to devote himself to science. But for this, you must first complete graduate school and successfully defend a Ph.D. thesis. The title of Candidate of Sciences gives you the opportunity for future growth as a scientist, and opens up huge career and scientific prospects for you.

Candidate dissertation: what is it and why is it needed?

This is an independent scientific work, distinguished by its originality in terms of solving the main problems and the timeliness of their study. Thus, you demonstrate your abilities as a scientist in terms of correctly and clearly setting goals and objectives, indicating what their value and significance are at the moment, and showing ways to solve them on the basis of the studies and logical conclusions made and based on them. Thus, you demonstrate your capabilities as a scientist. Everything is important here – the content, design, volume of the candidate dissertation (requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission), and its defense before the members of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Candidate Requirements

In contrast to the content of the main report and the design of the work, the scope of the dissertation is not particularly limited. Its recommended volume is about 120 – 200 printed pages in A4 format. It does not take into account the tables, figures, diagrams, as well as lists of materials and applications. They are placed in a special section and have a separate numbering. However, the requirements may vary slightly, so it is better to first clarify the scope of the dissertation (requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission to it).

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How is the volume of the candidate dissertation distributed (requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission)

A candidate dissertation may be presented in the form of a manuscript or monograph. It should consist of strictly defined points. Namely:

  1. Title (title) sheet.
  2. Contents (or table of contents) of the work.
  3. The list of conditional abbreviations (if they are available in the text).
  4. Introductory part.
  5. The main one.
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography.
  8. Applications (if any).

One page is allocated for the design of the title page and content. On the list of notional reductions, as a rule, too.

As a rule, 10–20 pages out of the total volume are allocated for writing an introduction. Here you must correctly formulate the problem under study, its study at this stage by other authors, determine the sides that have not yet been studied, and therefore, determine the goals of your work in this direction in terms of confirming or refuting the hypotheses put forward. Here, the methods of the upcoming research work, which will become the fundamental evidence base of the main provisions on the upcoming candidate defense, are reasonably listed.

The main part of the report, as a rule, consists of 2 or 3 chapters. In the 1st chapter, which accounts for 30-60 pages of the total volume, consisting of several paragraphs, the theoretical research methods used in the work are indicated. In the 2nd chapter, consisting of 60-100 pages of printed text, the results of the research conducted by yourself are shown, the processed results are presented in the form of tables and diagrams, explanations are given to them in the context of the entire work, the results are compared with existing ones, their belonging to the already determined existing directions. The final part, as a rule, accounts for 10-20 pages of the total amount of work. It is necessary to draw conclusions in it, each of which must at least correspond to the set goal or task. To achieve one goal or solve a single problem, several conclusions can be made at once.

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The list of used literature includes at least 100 different scientific sources. Their list is indicated on separate sheets, which are numbered separately and are not included in the total volume of the candidate dissertation (requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission).

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