Standards of a coursework design in 2019

Course work is the first serious research that students perform. If the control and essays teachers focus on the content, for the course work is not less important and design. However, despite the importance of this type of work, many students do not know the rules for coursework design.

General requirements for coursework design

It is best to take the requirements for registration coursework or test work from the head. A sample or training manual allows you to familiarize yourself with the requirements of a particular department, which may differ from the requirements of the standard, moreover very significantly.

Usually the requirements for the design of coursework determine that the entire text should be written in Times New Roman, 14 pt in font size (12 pt in size is allowed). Align the text to the width. The spacing between the lines is single or one-and-a-half, there are no spacing after and before the paragraphs. The text color is black throughout the job. If you need to highlight some information, you can use the font of another headset.

Fields: upper and lower – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1 cm.

Headings are typed in the same font. They are located in the center or indention, some universities require boldface (although the design of coursework in 2019 does not allow the use of boldface).

Registration of drawings in coursework is carried out according to the following requirements:

  • All pictures should be referenced in the text.
  • The drawing itself is located after the first mention (on the same page or on the next).
  • After the picture is placed the text: the word “Picture”, the number of the picture, a dash, the name of the picture.
  • The numbering of the drawings can be both through and within the section.
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The preparation of an electronic document the correct design of the course work is not completed. An example of the requirements for the subsequent stages of registration – printing is solely on the one hand. Paper size – A4. Work must be clean and tidy. On the page should not be more than 2 blots, but in any case it is better to reprint than correct.

Ends with the firmware. The course is usually fastened with a folder.

Registration of the title page

The title page is centered, except for student and supervisor data. This data equals on the right side. The following items should be on the title page:

  • The name of the higher institution (Ministry of Science and Higher Education).
  • The name of the institution where the student is studying (without abbreviations and abbreviations).
  • Faculty and department where the student writes a coursework.
  • The name of the item.
  • Subject (in accordance with the order).
  • Complete student data.
  • Information about the supervisor.
  • City, year, when the work was written.

The title of the work and the topic are sometimes marked in large and bold.

Registration of coursework content

You should build your text according to this scheme: title page – table of contents – introduction – main part – conclusions – list of references – applications. All of these parts must begin on a new page and be numbered correctly.

The title page has a number, but it is not put.

After the title page should be a list of contents, or content (different universities require different names for this element of the course work). The list indicates the structural elements of the course work (introduction, sections and subsections – standards for the coursework designation should highlight such elements, conclusion, list of sources used, applications, if available) and the number of pages on which they start. A placeholder can be used between the element name and the page number (most often in the form of dots).

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Making a list of sources and footnotes

The list of references usually causes the most problems. Every sign is important here, so the teacher who conducts the control usually finds so many mistakes. First of all, take the guidelines on the department. This will help you. There should be accurate examples of the design of each type of information source. Follow these examples and everything will be fine. We will consider the main points that can facilitate this work for you.

Arrange all sources in alphabetical order by the name of the author. Regulatory acts, etc. placed in a separate list.

Sometimes students use footnotes in coursework. They are separated by a horizontal bar under the main text of the page. For footnotes use the same font, but smaller and with a smaller interval. The reference in the footnote is repeated in the list of sources. If the source is mentioned on the page two or more times, put the words “ibid.”