Themes of research papers on economics

At the departments there are certain lists of topics that are distributed from year to year to students for writing essays. This happens in all universities and at all faculties. Because of this, teachers do not particularly value student essays on these topics. This is especially true for the economy. Imagine how many times your teacher evaluated essays on such commonplace topics. That is why it is so important to find a unique interesting topic in this specialty. So you immediately distinguish yourself and earn a good reputation.

On our site you can order an essay on absolutely any topic. And ten minutes after you fill out the application, the authors will offer you their services. Therefore, all you need to do to stand out from the group is to choose a topic. Of course, you can write a research paper yourself. Then, in addition to the topic, you will need to study some organizational issues, for example, how to properly draw up a research paper.

We decided to simplify your task and selected a list of topics that can be used for research paper.

  • Economic theories of the Ancient world (Babylon, China, India, Egypt).
  • Economic views of thinkers of Ancient Greece (Xenophon, Plato, Aristotle).
  • The economic situation of canonism (St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas).
  • The essence of mercantilism as a school of economic thought (A. Montretien, T. Man, Colbert).
  • Physiocracy (F. Quesnay, Turgot).
  • Formation and development of the classical school of political economy (A. Smith, D. Ricardo, J.B. Say, T. Maltus and others).
  • Marginal direction of economic theory.
  • The essence of the neoclassical trend of modern economic theory.
  • Keynesian direction of modern economic theory.
  • Institutional and sociological direction of modern economic theory.
  • Interpretation of the subject of economic theory by various schools of economists.
  • Resources and their classification. Economic and non-economic resources.
  • Rarity of goods and production. The content of the main problems of the economy.
  • The problem of production efficiency in a market economy.
  • The struggle for limited resources.
  • Real and personal factors of production, methods for their connection.
  • The essence of ownership as an economic category. The place and role of property relations in the system of economic relations of society.
  • Assignment Types. The evolution of private property.
  • The essence and features of collective (group) assignment. Classification of forms of state ownership.
  • The role and importance of state ownership in the market system of farms.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of private property. Tendencies and prospects of development of private property in the USA.
  • State and municipal ownership.
  • The essence and criteria of typification of economic systems. Characteristic features of pure capitalism, command, traditional and mixed economies.
  • The essence and main features of a socially-oriented model of a market economy.
  • The economic model of Sweden.
  • Japanese economic model.
  • Features of the American economic model.
  • Economic models of new industrial countries.
  • The concept of general economic forms (social forms of management). General characteristics of subsistence farming and commodity production.
  • The importance of the social division of labor in the formation and development of the commodity economy.
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