Where to Start in Essay Writing Preparation

Essay preparation

Before you starting an essay, it is necessary to prepare a draft. Some students do not know what a draft, and write it as “clean” (i.e. final) version of the work is densely filled sheet, almost borderless, but written more carelessly. This draft leaves no space for improvement thought, makes it impossible to work creatively.

“Wrong” drafts are suitable for work compilation character, thus training practice the lack of independent thinking. In effect, this method leads to a panic fear of self-expression. Sheets draft is better to leave half-empty and write on one side. When working with a draft, rereading and editing are gradually being filled and the fields, and on the back page space to specify, confirm their thoughts with examples and quotes.

How to start writing a paper? With write essay topics, while the subject must be recorded accurately, and necessarily in the draft. Theme this is a condition in which it is necessary to think about it. And the task we must understand, realize. The wording of the theme the same problem, only infinitely more voluminous and complex with no one solution. Getting a grasp in the topic, you enter into the creative space that it defined. If separate words, thoughts, in extreme cases, the entire wording are repeated in the text of the essay, opening or completing pieces of work or just essays in General, is not a disadvantage.

After all, the main task is to understand and develop a theme, and not to leave her. Working with essays, from time to time need to re-read the wording of the topic. Essay topics for social studies on the exam are offered a choice of the student of the six options, the relevant sections of the course social science: philosophy, cultural studies, Economics, sociology, political science, jurisprudence.

It is advisable to choose a topic most close and understandable, the disclosure of which to demonstrate their knowledge, erudition, creativity.

How to start an essay

The important point is the identification of social problems. Indeed, in the essay you are asked to Express their point of view on the issue, which is figuratively expressed in the form of statements. This means that you need to translate “encrypted” problem into the language of philosophical categories, concepts of the course.

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For example, the theme “we don’t Have time to be yourself” (A. Camus) involves working in the context of self-knowledge, self-consciousness, “I concept” inconsistency of the real and the ideal self, of existential of human existence. Otherwise, open perspectives of personal development. The theme “Not by bread alone” (the Bible) inherently contains the problem of contradiction between material and spiritual needs of man. This means that you need to recall the material exactly according to the indicated problem, and write a series of concepts with which it is possible to work within the framework of the topic.

So, the main thing to grasp, to think about the topic as read into the problem to determine the border (space) the topics and the ways of its disclosure.

What are the steps to writing an essay

The subject is chosen, understood, comprehended. Usually, essay topics on social science philosophical content have problematic nature, the author’s interpretation and are presented in the statements. Therefore, initially working with social science problem, it is necessary to allocate the main idea and to identify a theme or topic of the course social science will be followed by reasoning.

This is necessary in a free form to make an outline of the essay, that is, to give vent to all that “wants” to be written, including concepts, controversies, associations, quotations, theses, examples, opinions, arguments, scientific and social nature, names, events, unfinished thoughts is There a grain of truth in the phrase: “Writing is not in the head, and fingertips.”

The next task is to consider the chaos, to relate with the subject then displayed with an idea, way of thinking. Now the main thing to find a phrase, a thought, a quote that could be a conclusion to the work.

Yes, the conclusion, like the introduction, is an important part of the job. The introduction focuses the problems of the essay, poses the problem, reveals the contradictions, starting an essay with a question, outlines field work the framework of social science topics, and the conclusion is a summary, a summary of all arguments.

The structure of the essay flows logically from the requirements. Because an essay is a short presentation of his own thoughts by the author on a particular issue, the idea expressed by the author in the form of a thesis (T). But the idea needs to be supported by evidence, arguments of a scientific or of a social nature.

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Therefore, the thesis followed by arguments (A). Arguments are facts, phenomena of social life, events, life situations and life experience, literary situation, scientific evidence, references to opinions of scholars, etc. It is better to give two arguments in favor of a particular thesis, as one can be inconclusive, three arguments can overload all the “little” genre.

Thus, a circular composition of an essay: introduction, thesis, arguments, thesis, arguments, thesis, arguments, conclusion (conclusion). The number of theses and arguments depends on the plan, the logic of development of thought of the student.

The name “ring composition” is not accidental, as the introduction and conclusion focus on issues of theme, only in the introduction problem set, and in conclusion I appeal to their own point of view.

It should be noted that the logic of the presentation and structure contribute to the selection of paragraphs and the red line. Each of the elements of composition (introduction, thesis, arguments, conclusion) should be indicated by a red line. Each paragraph of the previous and subsequent related. This achieves the integrity of the work.

When writing an essay you must pay attention to the style of presentation. Yet we must not forget that the essay inherent emotionality and artistry of presentation. The expressiveness of the style very good quality of writing. This is achieved mainly due to the short, simple sentences, varied in intonation, and skillful use of the “modern” of all the punctuation the dash. Dash makes to offer a special intonation, to Express their opinions. The style of speech carries with it features of the person. Advancing the style, improve yourself!

Remember: essays must be “emotionally charged”, but it is important to exercise external restraint of the narrative.

Of course that is easy and free to possess the skill of essay writing, you need a training period to train this skill, and above all, the skill of categorical analysis. Categories are concepts of a scientific discipline. Work with the concepts, you can give creative.

Systematized problem, creative and reflective assignments, developing the skill of categorical analysis, we got their typology.

The first type of tasks and philosophical assessment. This type of task allows you to create the ability to recognize and distinguish the problem, to Express their own point of view.

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The second type of tasks categorical analysis. This is a translation of the text into the language of philosophical categories. It allows you to determine the presence of philosophical laws and categories in specific statements, develop the ability to analyze the content of the text. The language of philosophical categories, you can translate the meaning of Proverbs, quotations, excerpts from literary works.

The third type is awareness of the problem and attempt its solution. The proposed text is contained in the explicit or implicit formulation of the problematic issue. You need to offer a solution to it.

The fourth type logical operation of finding and comparing concepts, positions of authors, viewpoints, opinions. The results of the comparison can be made in the form of a table.

The fifth type the construction of a coherent philosophical statements on a particular set of social science terms.

The sixth type the definition of philosophical concepts based on the game of creative tasks (puzzles, crosswords, chainbody, anagrams and cryptograms, mazes, magic squares). Such tasks arouse interest in philosophical concepts and contribute to their conscious assimilation.

The seventh type role tasks, involving the development of cultural material and its personification. Purpose of the job are learning new social roles, mastering of cultural experience.

Eighth type the individualized reflective assignments aimed at indirect indirect introspection, self-control. This can be achieved by:

  • creating situations of migration, that is a kind description of his life and activities in a given time and arbitrary space (or Vice versa);
  • the creation of situations of moral choice, when implemented moral position of the student;
  • writing philosophical essays on their own behalf or on behalf of the philosopher, whose work is of interest;
  • writing imaginary dialogues with famous philosophers, when the student has to define the problem field and the name of the philosopher responds to a question.

The ninth type making situations, dialectical and logical contradictions. They are based on material enclosing the connection of opposites. To work in situations it is necessary to select the teaching material enclosing the connection of opposites, to determine the moment when the situations in course, elect to implement a specific kind of situations.