Why Do Students Hate Essay Writing

If you frequently tell yourself: “I hate writing papers”, you definitely need to read this article. Decided to write my next article specifically for educators to understand why students do not go in pairs? Indeed, there is a problem, as contractors, and the public sector, and some of the audience in pairs and is empty.

I hate writing essays

This thought often pops up in students’ heads. Everyone can say What are these gaps, and how the teacher reacts to them, try to understand together. Most importantly, it is important to understand is the motivation of the student, otherwise, to instill in him a sense of diligence, punctuality and responsibility is unlikely. So let’s reason together.

Causes of truancy pairs of students

Many teachers do not want to know why a student misses a couple, and in his absence not just start loudly complaining in front of the entire class or stream, but also to threaten. As a rule, the menacing promise of not putting the forthcoming session, so there is nothing original in these moments will not hear.

However, it is incorrect and non-pedagogical approach to the problem, because showdown needs to take place in a purely individual basis, and, before shouting, you should understand the causes, which, incidentally, can be a good or disrespectful.

Family circumstances. Sometimes in a student’s life be matters that can be settled only during the learning process. These “unexpected circumstances” may affect all aspects of life, requiring immediate response.

Of course, in such a stalemate moments it is best to find a teacher and take time off, but it often happens that every minute counts.

Problems on the personal front. Sometimes students skip the pair by reason of mental trauma, for example after rupture of relations with the beloved. At such moments, not what to learn, is to breathe don’t want to.

Even the most diligent and responsible student can consciously “score” to study and spending meaningless days in mental anguish. Here the teacher is little independent, but the help of friends and fellow students certainly useful and needed.

Part time job. Some senior students during the learning process manage to earn. This increase scholarships, of course, will not prevent, but could significantly damage relations with the principal teachers who do not agree with the systematic absences of the students in their pairs, especially lectures.

The first you need to know: why do we write essays?

I advise you to read: How to write the outline? It is best to compromise, otherwise the next semester, the scholarship may not be.

Personal irresponsibility. Of course, you can say: “Essays are a waste of time”, but you can do this infinitely. In this case we are talking about student’s lack of discipline and systematic absenteeism without good reason. Even if you think: “I hate my writing”, do not give up. Teachers don’t like hard-core troublemakers on their pairs, so in this case, not attending University, not only “fly” with a scholarship, but easy to be on the verge of expulsion from the University.

So here it’s not the teacher, and the student must understand why he entered the University to study or walking. The last motivation is a failure.

Antipathy to the teacher. There are those students who, for one reason or another don’t perceive to the teacher, responses on paired turn into bickering and conflict.

This situation is unpleasant neither student nor teacher, so the first chooses to ignore the pair. To do this he can and with malicious motives to create teacher trouble in the Department, but such cases are in teaching practice, rather isolated.

This is probably the most common reasons that hinder normal learning and regular attendance at the University. It is desirable to eliminate, or the performance of the student will be significantly reduced, as a promising and optimistic plans for the life remote.

If a student skips his classes, we first must understand that nothing good attitudes to learning will not end. It needs to configure itself, and unloved of the teacher to perceive the principle: “this too will pass this”!

Why writing is difficult for students?

You just need to be patient, to try to grasp the essence of the subject and to love the unloved teacher. And how is he going to do, tell you intuition. To give any advice in this matter is meaningless, because all teachers are different and each requires a different approach.

In those cases, when the normal school interferes with work, it is best to talk with the teacher on the topic of public access. Convincing him will be difficult, but in principle, really (in my experience); but the main thing then your knowledge, grades and overall academic performance to make it clear that the work did not affect interest in learning and a particular subject.

Here I’ll tell you my example: to get a free visit on the 5th course, begged individual teachers almost every week. They went incredulously to me to make concessions, but with the requirement of the presence of the full abstract.

Had hard times, and rewrite the “Doodle classmates” I only get sleepless nights. But claims never happened, and grades and my scholarship did not hurt.

In cases where absences caused by a love drama, take yourself in hand and focus on the studies very difficult. And to escape from depression and painful memories yourself will not be easy.

But here must come the friends and activities that will help shift your mind and customize the suffering to further his studies. I would like to add: none of the relations are not higher education, so we should not abandon our future for the sake of imperfect and doomed to failure relations.

In the event of marital circumstances of his absence is required to notify the instructor so that such important information is not learned from a third party In a personal conversation can all be explained and, as if to ask, not to put the teacher before the fact of his absence from its subject matter. Disease also desirable to remind, otherwise the error can cause the impression ditch, ignoring the knowledge.

What to do to the teacher?

Because this article I dedicate more teachers, that’s just about their behavior I would like to talk more. Students are different, but the teacher is not just a teacher and mentor, but above all, a subtle psychologist.

That is why the question of absenteeism should be treated especially carefully, then among the students not to get a bad reputation or some persistent nickname.

So, your student is not on pair? The first step is to write his name and to go to the Dean’s office to find out, not if he is sick, and if he has respectful family circumstances.

If the reasons for the lack of vapor is really good, serious conversation it is best to defer temporarily. But, if teachers report that other lectures short visits, it’s time to think.

To get in his position, of course, is not necessary, because all students know what decided to study at the University. But again the circumstances are different, but first is recommended by the elder to give him a “heartfelt greetings”. You can then wait for the slot 2-3 pairs, and if the situation persists, to proceed to more radical action.

You can find and stop him at recess, but are also encouraged to visit the couple, where he is clearly present. In this case, without a serious conversation and warning cannot do, but still try to understand the arguments. If the reasons are disrespectful and you are faced with the usual lazy, then threaten to problems the session will not prevent.

When such beliefs will be useless to make one last attempt, which might make him think. If not, then its fate can no longer survive, and the exam may ask for full.

No, I certainly can’t teach and give recommendations deserved and qualified professionals, but just know that the method of shouting and intimidation are not initially working. However as students are people too, with their reasons and circumstances that sometimes you can understand an adult, even a teacher.

On the other hand, the teacher should not chase the students and to persuade them to attend, but from a purely human point of view to ask about their grades will not be superfluous.

So you do not have any problems with the teachers for the systematic absences in their pairs, it is possible to formalize a free visit or to transfer to distance learning.

The first option is ideal because the student loses the scholarship, maintains the duration and skillfully combines two useful things. The second option is more radical, since the correspondence course lasts a year longer (5.5 or 6 years), carried out exclusively on a contract basis and has a number of nuances. So it is best to use the first option.