Stress Management

It seems as if we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves when it comes to critiquing our own work or maintain a life that consists of good grades, physical activity, social relationships and self-gain; but, when is enough, enough? Stress management is one of the most important forms of therapy and balance that you can adopt into your life. The most important thing that you can do before you can learn to control your stress is by acknowledging where it is coming from and why you are feeling it.

If you are stressed out because you are attempting to round out your life in a way that is fitting to everyone, then you need to stop and take a look around. What is more important? The perception that others have of you or how you measure your progress in life? Many students make the mistake of getting caught up in their personal lives and social competition in turn disregarding their work as a burden or a waste of their valuable time.

I can tell you this… stress comes from trying to do too many things at once while also being unsure as to where you are heading in life. There are certain types of personalities that will endure stress more so than others. Those who tend to perfect their work and those who are hard on themselves may find difficult in the area of stress relief. Some tend to look at their perfection like complex as one that is a favor in itself.

This can be a very good thing and a motivation behind your work. Many actors, musicians and world icons didn’t know how to enhance their stress management because they were constantly critiquing themselves. Although it can be an advantage, it can also be quite dangerous. Stress can spur physical illnesses and play a part in your appearance as well as other areas of your life.

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You may begin to lose relationships or hobbies due to your stress… which is why you must adopt stress management. Everything links to the way that you feel: diet, rest, work, social activity, communication and your self-esteem. This is a domino effect as well. When you begin to get enough rest and eat better, then you will begin to feel healthy. When you truly feel good inside then you will start completing your work faster and treat others with respect. When people are “happy” then they tend to promote happiness in others.

Don’t be afraid to make yourself happy in the midst of a test exam or studying your materials. Come to a happy medium in which you treat yourself to an espresso drink while you are studying and do so in a library so that you can experience some peace and quiet. You have to discipline yourself throughout stress management, and it’s going to benefit you in the long run. Start to eat healthier, drink more water and rest so that you can study for a period of time before you ace that test of yours!