Tips for choosing your language course

Ten tips to avoid mistakes when choosing how we want to improve and deepen in a language

Choosing a language course can not be done lightly, as it is an important decision that should be taken to learn a foreign language effectively and make the experience a success.

Ideally from a course is chosen according to the needs of each, depending on the level of language, age, length of stay or the desired destination. Therefore it is very important to have a wealth of information to select that program of study that best suits what you will be looking for.

In addition to that there are no problems when leaving to study a language abroad is important to ”choose companies that offer guarantees and we respond by us for any problems or unforeseen and defend our interests, this is an added value to the when deciding on a course of summer, especially when there are children who are traveling abroad.”

For this reason, from the Spanish Association of Promoters of Language Courses offer a set of guidelines to ascertain when choosing a language course:

  • Career background. It is better to play it safe, and go slowly covering stages and that learning is gradual. Not everyone has the same rate of learning and should be considered as a distance race albeit a little slower, it is preferable to accelerate, forcing the situation and cause a rejection of that language.
  • Destinations nearby. For the first time out to study a language abroad is advisable to do next destination as the UK and Ireland, in the case of English, and when he has more experience try further afield as the U.S., New Zealand or Australia.
  • Length of stay. The period of stay depends on the level of education and age. The average is two or three weeks, but for older students courses can be of one month. Followed much longer in contact with the foreign language the better the results, however, for children are shorter periods of one to two weeks.
  • Family or residence. It is advisable that children travel in groups with a monitor that feels more protected and secure in this experience and go to homes where it is controlled. For guys who are a little older and the stay should be in a family where you have continuous contact with the language.
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  • Fully informed. When looking for a language course abroad is very important to know in detail the learning programs and whether the course suits is sought as required. Do not be afraid to ask and answer questions.
  • An opportunity to learn. Should not consider a language course as a punishment or mandatory as you will get the opposite result, the rejection of this language. You have to take it as an opportunity not only to improve skills in a foreign language but of meeting new people, doing different things and visit new places, and see it as a rewarding experience.
  • It is crucial to have complete trust in the organization they have chosen and feel comfortable with it. So before you decide to look for, compare, question, answer all your questions and keep that offers the most guarantees. This is an important decision for them and for their children.
  • Sporting and cultural activities. The language courses are usually much more than lectures. There is something for all tastes from those who want to complete their training with sports such as football, basketball, tennis, golf, dance classes, music, design and film.
  • To be advised. Companies organizers have extensive experience in language courses abroad for what they can offer useful advice because they know what works best and how to deal with certain situations.
  • A complete experience. Although the main goal is to learn a language, stays abroad are much more, do not forget that these courses also serve to improve aspects such as personal autonomy, the ability to adapt or improve self-esteem. Besides a unique experience.