The practical significance of the thesis: an example

None of the graduation projects or papers will be accepted and admitted for protection unless the value of the achieved results is determined. Therefore, the practical importance of the thesis (an example can be taken from the teacher) must necessarily be identified and clearly substantiated in the information materials to the project.

Types of practical value of the thesis / project

Varieties are determined by the direction of graduate training. In the humanities we are talking about the development of new methods of studying a particular object or phenomenon. In the exact sciences, practical value is understood as the economic effect that can be achieved as a result of the implementation of the proposed graduate studies. In thesis projects of research topics, practical value implies the existence of an application for an alleged patent.

Regardless of the type of result achieved, it must be confirmed by a special expert, whose functions are usually performed by the reviewer of the graduation project. He is appointed by the graduating department, which oversees the work of a graduate student on the project. Often, the practical significance is confirmed by a certificate from the base enterprise where the pre-thesis practice was conducted.

Examples of practical value of the results of the graduation design

If you need to highlight the practical significance of the thesis, an example of a review will help highlight it correctly. For example:

  1. Help of an enterprise or organization about acceptance for consideration of the results of technological or design development.
  2. Patent information about acceptance for consideration of a patent application. It would be ideal to get the patent itself, but this process is quite lengthy, and most of the authors of student patent applications do not have time to be considered in full.
  3. Signal copy of the profile journal in which the graduate published (independently or in collaboration) a scientific and technical article on the profile and topic of the graduation project.
  4. Electronic publication of research fragments in online publications or in electronic versions of print media.
  5. Theses of reports at student scientific and technical conferences or Olympiads of the desired profile.
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All difficulties can be overcome

Of course, it is far from always possible to fulfill the above requirements qualitatively and fully. But without them, a graduate student may not be allowed to protect at all. For example, when the amount of experiments performed was too large, or there was not enough time for the qualitative formulation of the practical significance of the thesis, an example of which can be obtained at the department. What to do?

In such situations, it is worth asking for help from specialists of the appropriate profile. All the authors cooperating with our site have a great practical experience, and it is not difficult for them to quickly and efficiently formulate the achieved results in the form of conscious and logical conclusions. At the same time, they are guaranteed to ensure the interconnection of practical results and theoretical concepts presented in the thesis project, as well as help in the processing of information and the preparation of printed publications.

For the correct execution of data relating to the practical significance of the work, you must provide:

  • initial information (results of experiments, analysis of publications, etc.);
  • data on the required type of results – publication, patent application, text of the message at the conference;
  • indicative requirements for the quality of conclusions and / or the amount of expected practical effectiveness of the results.

Based on these data, experienced consultants will always be able to help a graduate in a timely manner not only to prepare the necessary practical conclusions and formalize them in a graduation project, but also to adequately present materials during defense.