The practical significance of the thesis

Any scientific work, whatever it may be, must contain a novelty. If this topic has already been worked out to such an extent that you cannot bring anything new – it means that such a topic does not require research significance. That is why in the introduction of the thesis it is necessary to indicate the practical significance and novelty of the work.

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The degree of novelty of your research project is more or less, but in any case it should be. Therefore, when choosing a thesis topic, consider in advance whether it is possible to develop something new. Your work should make some contribution to the science in which you specialize. This contribution is called practical value. It is to ensure that the results of your research bring at least a small practical benefit to this scientific community. The student must show how the results can help society.

How to reveal the significance?

Clearly indicate to whom the results obtained by you can help when you write the introduction of the thesis.

Try to pick up such a vocabulary, so that it already clings to the reader.

You can also back up your words with the results of the introduction at the enterprise. This will provide 100% disclosure of significance.

What could be meaningful?

If we are talking about the thesis in the humanities, then the importance may be the development of new methods, methods, techniques that can be applied in their respective fields.

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Practical significance can also be justified by introducing various programs, documents, instructions, regulations, etc. Among other things, the social, economic, and scientific effectiveness of your results is assessed. What it is?

Scientific effectiveness is a new knowledge about society, which helped to reveal new patterns and connections.

Economic efficiency is a new way of saving money and resources.

Social efficiency is the way to improve the working and living conditions of people.