Thesis work plan

The presence of a scientific degree opens up wide prospects for career growth for a specialist, both in the scientific and commercial environment. However, writing and defending a dissertation is not an easy task, requiring a lot of time and effort. Thoughtful drawing up of a dissertation work plan, which would describe:

  • what will be required from material and technical equipment for the implementation of the items;
  • how much time will be spent on working out each stage of the work;
  • which sections of the research are of the greatest difficulty, and therefore should be drawn up in the first place, and which actions can be moved to second positions.

Planning – as a tool to increase your own effectiveness

The specifics of the candidate, and even more so the doctoral works, are such that the authors of such works often become already held individuals. Their labor activity at the main duty station, domestic problems, family and children take a lot of time, which causes difficulties with the allocation of this resource to prepare for the defense of the dissertation. The application of time management skills, which are devoted to a lot of literary and Internet resources, will help to keep up with everything. Since they also need time to study, it is worth building your working day taking into account personal biological characteristics.

Thinking over the plan of work on the dissertation, it is necessary to take into account not only the individual characteristics of the researcher. It is important to coordinate your own capabilities with the opening hours of libraries, laboratories and other necessary institutions. For example, when compiling a literary review, time can be distributed as follows: the author devotes the morning and afternoon hours to finding data in books and magazines on tangible media (libraries, scientific foundations), and leaves the evening to monitor electronic resources on the Internet. Similarly, with the experimental part: experiments and surveys should be conducted in the morning and in the afternoon, and interpretation of the results should be done in the evening.

The sequence of actions in preparation for the defense of the dissertation

The first step is to determine the purpose and objectives of the work. Of the total volume, about half or at least a third of the time is spent on collecting and processing theoretical data. However, in terms of labor costs, this part of the dissertation is usually inferior to the empirical part, which in its importance acts as the core of all work.

A universal recipe for a dissertation work plan does not exist, but many begin precisely with setting up an experiment. This approach is due to the fact that in the process of working with various publications, information is revealed, the analysis of which helps to correctly write the chapters of the discussion of the results. As a result: it becomes easier for the applicant to draw up a conclusion.