Presentation to defend a dissertation

The days have passed when the rapporteur’s help on the results of scientific research was bulky and difficult to carry out. Now, the dissertation presentation is carried out using computers: a series of slides are created using special software (PowerPoint), which are shown to the assembled audience through the projector. When creating a dissertation presentation on your own, examples of such work can provide valuable support. By their content, slides can contain both graphic and textual information, which is left to the discretion of the dissertation.

Samples of earlier works will help to create competent presentations for dissertations. You can take an interest in them at the department, but the main thing in compiling them is to take into account the characteristics of the visual perception of the data presented by members of the dissertation council.

Presentation on dissertations: purpose and general recommendations

As a form of visual illustrative material, PowerPoint slides are designed to simplify the perception of the report by the audience. Therefore, in fact, a presentation on dissertations is also needed for a speaker. To avoid overloading the audience with an abundance of numbers or terminology, a presentation to defend a dissertation, examples of which are on the Internet, supplements the applicant’s speech. During the discussion part, it is convenient to answer questions with data from the illustrations.

It is not recommended to include tables or arrays of text in the dissertation presentation. Not every member of the dissertation council will be able to consider such data, especially if we take into account the advanced age of the majority of scientific luminaries invited to the defense.

Regardless of specialization, many presentations on dissertations are made out too complicated: bright design, animation and other special effects are used. This problem is more common for novice scientists. Such a mistake is more characteristic of the presentations of candidate dissertations, and it leads to a complication of the defense process due to the irritation of the audience.

The total number of slides in the framework of the presentation of the dissertation varies between 10-20 pieces. In this case, the rule applies: “less is better, but more informative.” Therefore, one can hear advice from scientific secretaries to watch other presentations of candidate dissertations, examples of which show that the optimal number of illustrations does not exceed a dozen.

What is the difference between presentations on dissertations?

If we are talking about different specializations, then the answer is obvious: content. However, the principles of building a presentation to defend a dissertation are the same for all kinds of scientific fields, as well as for varieties of academic degrees, for which the whole range of activities is being developed. The most significant graphs and charts are placed on the slides of the presentation of the dissertation, information is separately drawn up:

  • information about the dissertation, scientific adviser, opponents, institution at which the research was conducted;
  • goals and objectives of the work, object and subject of research;
  • defense provisions.

The structure of the presentation for the defense of the dissertation is made out in accordance with the same scheme. However, this stage of work on scientific work is only an intermediate test, so the requirements for visual materials will be softer.