Three great apps to help you write better

One of the most important skills you need to learn in any type of training is communication, you have to be able to express yourself in words in a way that most people will understand. Unfortunately, the ability to write well is not one of the things you will find in your monthly Birch Box, so what are you going to do? Here are three great apps that can help you write better.

Write or Die

Okay, maybe this sounds a bit alarming for the newbie writer, but it is not as bad as it sounds. It is an online app you can use to force you to write. It doesn’t have to be great, and it doesn’t even have to make sense. You just have to keep writing. It lets you set a time limit to write a specific number of words, and you stick to it or “die.” It makes writing a challenging game, and the interface even looks like a game. The purpose of the app is to let you get used to writing without second-guessing yourself. You just let the words flow to get the creative juices flowing. It is also a great tool for anyone stumped by writer’s block.


After you’ve created your masterpiece on Write or Die, it is time to clean up. Grammarly will check for spelling errors and grammar gaffs, which are likely to be a lot if you use Write or Die! It will even look at the words you used in context, and give suggestions on how you can put it in a better way. Just remember this is a tool to help you, not to nag you. You can take the suggested edits or ignore them as you will. The important thing is knowing.

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Inbound Now Blog Title Generator

If your problem is not the technical side of writing, but the creative side, then you can use this brainstorming tool to help generate some ideas. Many writers use the strategy of coming up with a good title to help them create the content. A good title can set off a chain of connections in your head, which you can use to write an interesting article.

So what if you’re already the world’s best writer and you don’t need more training? Re-think that, because everyone can always use training. But if you’re up for a bigger challenge, why not try learning another language to write in? You don’t need to be in school or spend your entire paycheck on a private tutor. Use programs like Rosetta Stone to get your foreign language writing on track.