Get into a “Flow” if you want a First Class Degree

Getting into a flow, or into the “zone” as some people describe it is vitally important if you want to achieve a first class degree.

What myself and others are describing is state of mind, of sorts, where everything clicks, ideas come flooding forward, you are on a roll, and you know it!

I never found a way to induce this state, you somehow arrive at this point after spending time researching, reading and trying to write degree assignments.

You can spend hours working on something and not really make progress, then suddenly it all clicks and your work starts to flow, almost like a domino effect as one idea / conclusion leads to another.

The important things are to:

  • Persist with your degree assignments until this happens to you
  • Don’t stop working when it does!
  • Write down your ideas in case you overlook them later on

I found being able to touch type really helped me arrive at this state as it allows you to concentrate fully on your degree work, it also helps you capitalize on this state when it happens, as you are able to work a lot faster.

The fact that this state does occur is one reason why many people prefer to concentrate solidly on a single degree assignment until completion, as opposed to simultaneously working on many assignments. It takes time, a pre-occupation with your degree subject and a lot of thinking before this happens, but once it does you will achieve a massive amount in a short space of time.

Although what I have described may seem a little abstract, it is a real phenomenon I have both experienced and read about. Being able to get into this state of mind is invaluable if you want to achieve a first class degree.

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