Time Management

As a student and a young or older adult you may be aware of the importance in balancing your life and creating a routine out of it, but be too lazy to do so. Now, I’m not calling any of you students out- I am merely presenting the blue print of what time management can do for us, and the way that we are progressing with our study habits, work and studying skills. I can tell you that time management is essential, and if you do not take it into consideration then you are going to set your work and your life completely off balance.

Although it sounds quite dull, creating a routine throughout the week is important as a student. Students have the same class at the same time every week and they are required to attend that class at the same time every week. What does that inquire? This says that if you don’t also create a schedule pertaining to your study time, rest time and play time then you are going to be living in a whirlwind of decisions and hardships which will only stress you out more so than is necessary.

To understand time management you also have to take a closer look at sacrifice and that school really is a science. The more work that you put into an assignment or a test; the more you’re going to get out of it. Whatever goes up, must come down! It’s as simple as that but the self-discipline part isn’t simple. This is a part of life, and working is an important part of our lives. We all want to be free and feel as if we aren’t caged in, but we cannot maintain a community if we don’t service the community in the same way that it is servicing us with education and resources.

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This is the “circle of life” and to maintain this circle, we have to put our effort into something of the matter. Slacking off and doing things on our own time isn’t contributing to this community circle because it is bringing the essential workflow and community congregation to an all-time low. Time management is going to put you on the same track as your work, school and social schedule. I cannot stress the importance of balance and disciplining yourself in that area of life.

We all have the freedom to make our own decisions; we have the freedom to choose who we want to be when we’re older. We can choose our own education and in which part of the world we want to live and travel. That’s a beautiful thing and just because we lack the drive to work and inform ourselves it doesn’t mean that we are going to get to any of those places.

We are living in a rebirth process of life. Every time that we fail we have the opportunity to learn from that failure and continue on having gained an introvert experience that no other person has. Time management is very important in gaining and growing as an individual and a community.