Tips for choosing your child’s school

They say that education is the best legacy a parent can leave their children. We all want our children to have the opportunity to be educated in a good property that will prepare, train and educate for life.

Educational provision is often very broad and parents work long and exhausting visits in search of the best school for their children. While the nominations begin in March, the school choice process should begin much earlier with key questions such as what kind of personality has the least, what kind of education you want to give the family and what the establishment is more suited to those factors.

We must remember that our children perform much of their learning in that place, will be developed in all aspects and strengthen their ties. While certainly we know what we want and expect, many parents are not as clear about the questions that needs to be done, the important elements to be considered for election, what we must try to detect beyond formal speech we present the institution. So here we give you some tips to you have in mind in this delicate process:

  • Ask for the values that the school have
  • Find out who integrates the steering group, training of teachers and the general
  • Number of students per generation and rooms
  • The physical facility, building, library, dining halls, classrooms, courts, general housekeeping
  • Find out if they offer extracurricular activities
  • The economic aspect: find the tariff (fee and registration) and also what extra pay
  • Ask for the workload that is sent to the children’s home
  • What is the education project?
  • Analyze if supported discipline that gives home to school
  • Many hours of foreign language have a week
  • It is important that you choose a school not only for its academic offerings. Values education must be in harmony with what you teach in your family.
  • Do not imagine the only option that your child is bright, but ask them what happens if it fails or does not fit the school system, which makes the institution to such cases and what type of professional study these issues.
  • Find out if they have a day of “open door” to learn how the school regularly. While there will be a “normal” day, you can have an overview of the school a little more real than in an interview.
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