Tips for getting a scholarship

Get funding to study at the university or an MBA can be a great help to the finances of a person. To obtain it you must enter a long process, but this is not difficult, at least when it is thorough when gathering information asking each institution.

Where to begin? Well, the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) provides a number of tips to apply for a scholarship.

These are:

  1. Request information on campus interest

Contact people or authorities within the Credit Scholarship Program or Educational institution you wish to study. Here, find out the following:

  • What kind of scholarships or support offered to students at this institution?
  • What requirements must be met to obtain support?
  • What is the procedure to be followed to get the support?
  • What forms must be completed and if applicable, accompanying documentation is required?
  • To whom or where should submit the application and documentation?
  • What date should be presented the scholarship application?
  • What date are disclosed the results and, if so, what is the payment procedure?
  1. Find out about the regulations of each institution

Approaching the scholarship department or college credits each, you must inform the regulatory documents governing the program of interest. These programs specify the requirements, criteria and procedures for obtaining a scholarship.

  1. Contest

To enter you must complete the requirements and submit an application, according to the scholarship-granting institution.

It discharge that the grant allocation processes are performed only during certain dates, so it is important to be aware of the issue of calls.

Also be careful with the application filled with reliable information about their data. As well, the applicant must be prepared for a possible interview with the selection committee.

  1. Scholarships abroad
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In the case of scholarships abroad, do not forget that the proceedings be initiated at least one year before the date of commencement of studies. In this case it is advisable to consider the time required to contact the institution, as well as ensure the processing time to send the admission letter, present the language proficiency exams and achieve minimum scores required.