Title of research paper – design norms

The research paper is of rather great interest for students who are starting to get acquainted with their profession. Firstly, it is easier to write – you do not need to conduct long observations, calculations and analysis; secondly, the requirements for the execution of the document are not so strict – if you make a mistake, then they can forgive it, and they will not lower the score for it. However, the main function of the essay is to teach the student to use literature, be able to retell scientific material in their own words and come to their own conclusions. Many students, having carefully worked on their first serious essay, took a fresh look at many aspects of their specialty and learned to look at the problem from different points of view.

Research papers are necessary not only in the first courses – they can also serve as applications to future research projects. Therefore, in any case, remembering the rules for writing a research paper is extremely important so as not to “burn out” due to ignorance of the norms at a critical moment. This guide focuses on the title page of the research paper, which is the “face” of your work. If you don’t have time and the essay is about to be handed over, or you simply can’t cope with the work, then contact our authors – they will quickly and accurately fulfill any of your orders!

Cover page design standards

Students are faced with the first dilemma already at the initial stage of writing the cover page. What size should the text be? How are the information blocks located on the page? Which data is entered and which is omitted? The answer to these questions is in the standards – it is on them that all training documents are drawn up. But if the teacher requires a cover page according to his own rules, then you do not need to resort to the standard. This practice is present in many educational institutions, therefore, in such cases, the higher priority is the internal requirements of the university or faculty.

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The entire title page of the research paper can be divided into four text blocks. Let us consider in more detail how each of them takes shape.

1st block – upper

The text is centered, in capital letters it says “Ministry of Education and Science <name of the country in kind. case> “. Then the line is transferred, and on the new line the full name of the university (also in capital letters) is indicated. The most appropriate font is considered to be Times New Roman with a size of 14 points. You need to select the entire block and press Ctrl + B to make it bold, and set the line spacing to 1.0. After that, you can continue.

2nd block – central

Indent from the last block – it should be equal to 2 line breaks.

The next two lines should write the name of the faculty and department. Then after a few more clicks on “Enter” write the word “RESEARCH PAPER”. If desired, his style can also be made bold; the font at the same time sometimes increases by 1-2 points, so that the word is striking. On the next line is the name of the subject, it should be after the words “By discipline:”. Then the line is moved down again and the text “Subject:” and its name are placed. Now you can go to the third block.

3rd block – right

It consists of two parts: in the first, data about the student are indicated, and in the second – about the supervisor. After the previous block, you should do a line break twice and align the cursor to the right.

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Filling in the right block begins with the word “Completed:”, and then on each new line the following student data is indicated:

  • course number (student of the course);
  • Department (full-time / correspondence);
  • Group;
  • signature (the word “Signature” is printed and an empty line is formed using the underscore).

Information about the leader should be placed in the same way, having previously skipped the line. Each new line should contain the following data: the words “Supervisor:”, position, affiliation with the department (for example, “Department of Computer Engineering”) and the name of the teacher.

4th block – lower

This block is the shortest – it indicates the name of the city and the year of delivery of the research paper (usually on different lines). It should be centered and bold. This data is located at the very bottom of the page, so you need to press “Enter” about 6-8 times.

The finished title page will serve as an excellent cover for your essay and will make a positive impression on the teacher to whom you submit the work.