Writing a research paper in due form

A research paper is a small message that is set out in writing and contains information about any scientific work or historical facts. The main purpose of writing it is to demonstrate knowledge in the chosen field, therefore, it is worthwhile to be very careful when preparing for a speech. Each such work is written and executed in accordance with established rules, which should be familiarized with in advance.

The first thing to remember is that at least 5 sources must be used for the research paper. Search for topics for work is carried out by selecting from the list proposed by the teacher.

Work structure

The procedure for writing an essay involves:

  • definition of the problem to be considered in the work;
  • independent study of the topic;
  • review of literary sources;
  • a summary of the data.

To write a research paper, you need to know about its structure. The work should consist of the following parts:

  1. In it, the student displays the goals and objectives of the essay, and also justifies the choice of topic. At the same time, information is provided on the urgency of the problem at the moment. The volume of introduction is one to two pages.
  2. Main part. It contains the author’s point of view, which is based on information obtained from literary sources. Volume – about 15 pages.
  3. In this part of the essay, the student writes conclusions and suggestions. For the conclusion of 1-2 pages.
  4. Bibliography.

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To draw up a research paper, it is necessary to take into account many parameters. One of them is the font of the text, which should have a size of 14. It is also important to remember field values. The top and bottom should be equal to 20 mm, the right – 10, and the left – 30 mm. Many students make the mistake of putting a dot after the heading. This rule also needs to be remembered, as it applies to other types of work.

An important condition for the design is the observance of the intervals between paragraphs, the number of which should be 3. After the writing of the work is complete, it is necessary to compile an automatic table of contents and format it in accordance with the same principles as the rest of the text. To do this, select each subheading and select “Heading 2” or “Heading 3”.

If there are footnotes, they are created either at the very end of the work, or at the bottom of each page. It should be remembered that the text is written only on one side of the sheet. Numbering on the pages of the research paper begins only with the second.

Title page and table of contents

In order for the research paper to be correctly drawn up, you need to follow the basic rules for filling out the title page and table of contents:

  1. First, the name of the institution is written, which is located at the top of the page and aligned in the middle.
  2. Next, the type of work (in this case, a research paper) and the topic are indicated. Theme 16 is written in font size Times New Roman.
  3. The student and teacher details are listed below. All this is located on the right.
  4. At the very bottom is indicated the city in which the educational institution is located, and the year of writing the work.
  5. The table of contents is placed on the second page after the title page and contains a list of headings and pages.