Title page of the research paper

Very often, students do not see the point in creating and designing a title page for their essay. They believe that since the work is small, then it is not needed. In some ways they are right. If the research paper in volume takes less than five pages, then according to the rules the title page is not necessary. But it rarely happens that an essay is so small. Therefore, a title page is necessary. On our site you can order work of any type, including a research paper. Unlike agencies, our prices are much lower. We do not use the services of intermediaries, all authors and customers communicate personally.

If you still write the research paper yourself, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information below. We will talk about how to compile and arrange it correctly.

As already mentioned above – the essay is not a major work, therefore, the requirements for it are not as stringent as, for example, for the design of term paper. In some universities, there are no specific criteria for the design of the title page, and in this case, you can use the templates that are in Microsoft Word. Otherwise, here are the rules by which to fill out the cover page:

  • Above the center should be the full name of your university;
  • Strictly under it is the name of the department;
  • In the center of the sheet in capital letters, the word: “research paper”;
  • Under it: “on discipline: …”
  • And: “on the topic: …”;
  • Next, on the right, we indicate who completed the work (name, course, group);
  • Below is information about the verifier;
  • And at the very bottom of the sheet indicate the city and year (without the word “year”).
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Thus, if your essay is written in accordance with all the rules and more than five pages, regardless of the type of essay – be sure to make the title page. By the way, like all work, it should be written in Times New Roman font.