Types of theses

Thesis is the final stage of higher education. In many ways it depends on him, what color thesis you get. Therefore, it is sometimes much wiser to just order it. You personally choose the author who will do your work, and negotiate the price with him. Even if you decide to order a thesis from us, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with what types of theses are.

So, after you have chosen the topic and determined the research methods, you can decide on the type of your thesis.

  1. Special case study

The work of this type involves research in a particular area of mathematics. This is either the solution of a laborious mathematical task, or the creation of a mathematical model. Such work should consist of a number of solved problems on this topic. Here you need to know how to issue a thesis.

  1. Experimental research

This type of thesis is distinguished by the fact that the student initially builds a certain hypothesis. He thinks over the idea of his work and aims to explain the essence of his scientific research.

  1. Methodical research

Methodical theses can be varied. They share a common essence – the desire to develop new methods to improve any kind of activity. Here, special attention should be paid to the goals and objectives of the thesis.

Distinctive features of methodical research:

  • Objective assessment method
  • Identify new features of a particular method
  • Creating a completely new method
  1. Descriptive study

Characteristic features of this type of thesis:

  • Objective description of documentary data that has not yet been studied.
  • Analysis and synthesis of materials, as well as the creation of conclusions
  • Disclosure of specific facts, the interaction of various laws and their development.
  1. Historical and biographical research
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This type of work stands out from the previous one. In content, they can be scientific biographies, research on creativity, analysis of the historical role of a character at a certain point in time, etc.