Title page of the thesis

The title page is the first page of any work, book, magazine, etc. She anticipates the work itself. It contains all the basic data that relate to the title and author of the text. As for theses, then there are certain requirements. The authors on our site know all these criteria and have long crammed it, so if you do not want to waste time, please contact us.

In the methodological recommendations of the university are usually spelled out all the requirements that will help arrange a thesis. If you do not have the opportunity to take a training manual, then you can use the state standards listed below.

Cover page requirements

  • Font Times New Roman, size in different places of the title page ranges from 12 to 20.
  • Points in the title page are not put.
  • After specifying the year at the bottom of the sheet, the word “year” itself is not written.
  • Italicization or underlining is prohibited.
  • Allowed to allocate only in bold.

All theses must be completed in the same way; This applies to the title page, the work itself, the design of applications in the thesis and references. Therefore, any deviation from the norm entails consequences in the form of a lower estimate.

Registration of the title page

All title pages of scientific papers are similar, therefore, most likely, you have some idea how it should look. But accurate instructions on how to make it yourself.

  • In the center of the sheet at the very top of 12 size should be the name of the university and under it the name of the department.
  • Below, also in the center, should be the words: “Thesis on the topic:” (14 pt.), and below 20 pt. and bold highlighting – the name of the thesis without quotes.
  • Next, we set the alignment on the right edge of the sheet, set the 14 size, retreat a couple of lines and write: Work done / student X course / Last Name
  • Under this we write: Supervisor: / Last Name
  • And, finally, in the center of the lower part of the sheet, 12 size we indicate the city and under it a year.
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Of course, you can use the automatic function of creating a title page, but, as practice shows, you have to redo a lot under the standard. Therefore, it is easier to write yourself.