Topics for theses in psychology

The thesis differs from the course volume and the degree of elaboration of the problem. However, all students approach him much more thoroughly. This applies primarily to the choice of topics. Very often a student declares the topic of a term paper just like that, and then quickly works it out. But the topic of the thesis, many universities require you to choose three semesters before the defense. That is why the theme of the thesis has to be tricky.

Even if you decide to order a thesis from us, you still need to first decide on a theme to place an order. After that, the authors themselves will offer their nominations, and you will only have to choose the best. And you no longer have to sweat over the practical part of the thesis or over the annotation to the thesis. The author will do everything for you.

So, we offer a number of topics that you can use for your thesis:

  • Optimization of student organization through social and psychological training.
  • Psychological support of the professional development of university students.
  • Correction of aggressive behavior of younger adolescents.
  • Prevention of burnout syndrome in health care workers.
  • The development of communicative competence of the pupils of the orphanage.
  • Correction of anxiety in adolescents through socio-psychological training.
  • Psychological adaptation of students of representatives of small nations to the living conditions in the hostel.
  • Aggression and conflict as indicators of professional deformation of the personalities of servicemen.
  • Family relationships as a factor in the formation of gender identity in adolescents.
  • The impact of creative rehabilitation on the emotional-cognitive sphere of children with intellectual disabilities.
  • Correction by means of fairy tale therapy of perception and understanding of nonverbal behavior by younger students of mental retardation.
  • The impact of advertising on people with different levels of self-esteem.
  • Features of sexual identity of adolescent girls with intellectual disabilities.
  • Influence of types of computer games on the aggressive behavior of adolescents.
  • The psychological origins of children’s lies.
  • Psychological origins of first grade students
  • Features of attention in children of primary school age with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Features gender-role identification of adolescents in the care of the state.
  • The relationship of personal qualities and sporting achievements.
  • Features of the manifestation of depressive states of students extra- and introverts.
  • Psychological support for the adaptation of high school students to the conditions of specialized education.
  • Correction of the aggressiveness of visually impaired junior schoolchildren by means of musical therapy.
  • The solution of creative tasks as a factor in reducing the rigidity of thinking.
  • The development of cognitive I-concept in adolescents through training exercises.
  • The development of empathy in adolescence through socio-psychological training.
  • Emotional personality traits of bank employees and police officers.
  • Correction of fine motor skills of children with cerebral palsy in the framework of creative rehabilitation.
  • Psychological and pedagogical support of the formation of educational motivation of adolescents.
  • Correction of anxiety of adolescents living in a social shelter.
  • Correction of negative emotional states of children with mild intellectual deficiency by means of puppet therapy.
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