Topics for theses in economics

Sometimes students have problems choosing a topic for a thesis. It is understandable – the final study work, I want to be different. The department usually has a list of exemplary topics for theses and projects, but they are usually so hackneyed that the teachers do not approve of them. If you decide to ask us for help in writing a dissertation, you still need to first choose a topic and coordinate it with the supervisor. And after that place an order on our website and wait for the responses of the authors. After that, you no longer have to figure out how to write a dissertation introduction or how to protect a dissertation.

Here is a sample list of topics that can be used for a thesis on economics:

  • Building models of the development of the economic situation in order to predict its development
  • Venture investing practice
  • Methods for analyzing the effectiveness of financial injections
  • Comparative characteristics of short-term and long-term lending
  • Features of management of financial flows in large enterprises and corporations
  • the interrelated work of the regional offices of the enterprise
  • The introduction of innovative technologies in the field of banking
  • The introduction of innovative technologies in the system of stock markets
  • Positive and negative sides of protectionism
  • The role of mathematical modeling in economic forecasting
  • The structure of the competitive environment and its impact on the economic development of the enterprise
  • Economic Federal Policy
  • Analysis of factors of economic well-being of the enterprise
  • Analysis of the interaction of various sectors of the state economy
  • Problems of transformation of recovery growth in a stably developing economy
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of environmental management
  • Regulation of electric capacity in terms of competitiveness of the enterprise
  • Problems of synchronization of state and corporate tasks in the development of natural resources
  • The role of logistics in managing the economy
  • The role of risk identification in planning the financial activities of an enterprise
  • Innovative Risk Management Technologies
  • Problem aspects of the securities market
  • The share of the state budget in the private sector
  • The role of expert assessments in planning the economic policy of an enterprise
  • State and alternative pension funds
  • Problems of undervalued and overvalued exchange rates
  • Problems and advantages of an innovative enterprise
  • Comparative characteristics of mergers and acquisitions of enterprises
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