Topics of research papers in biology

Quite often, students have to write essays on various topics. This simplifies the work of the teacher and offers the opportunity to reward the student. Sometimes the department already has a list of topics on which essays are needed. But teachers always love initiative people, therefore they always support a student if he himself has found an interesting topic. If you want the teacher to remember you, then do just that. You do not even have to write a research paper yourself. You can simply order it from us. This is much cheaper than in agencies, because we authors and customers communicate in person and agree on a price themselves. In addition, you do not have to understand the structure of the essay and the various types of essays yourself. Therefore, this option is the most optimal.

But regardless of whether you decide to write yourself or order from us, you still need to choose an interesting topic, which is not at all simple. Therefore, for such cases, we have selected for you a list of topics that you can use for an essay on biology.

  • Biological features of animal migration.
  • The essence of the biosphere and civilization.
  • Characterization of DNA biosynthesis.
  • Biogeocenoses as important biological processes.
  • Proteins: chemical composition, properties and significance for the human body.
  • Anthropogenesis: essence and features.
  • Features of the practical application of algae.
  • Genetics as an important component of biological science.
  • The cycle of substances in nature.
  • The role of medicinal plants in human life.
  • Development and manufacture of transgenic products.
  • Hereditary human diseases: background.
  • The selection process: features and significance.
  • Characterization of puberty.
  • Basic theories of human origin.
  • Genetic engineering and its main problems.
  • The essence of cloning.
  • Unlimited possibilities of the brain.
  • Modern biotechnology.
  • Aging process.
  • Photosynthesis is a unique natural phenomenon.
  • The characteristic of human biorhythms.
  • Rare and endangered species of birds.
  • Plants listed in the Red Book.
  • Endangered animals.
  • Species of races: features of their origin.
  • The specifics of immunity.
  • The main reserves of the United States.
  • Enzymes: functions and determination of their activity.
  • Characteristic features of the regeneration process.
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