The structure of the thesis

Before you begin to write a thesis, you need to do a few things: choose a project theme, collect all the necessary literature and, of course, make a work plan. From it the whole structure of your project will follow. At this stage of work, many students understand that a dissertation is not an easy task and turn to us. We have gathered on the stock exchange authors who are subject to mandatory accreditation, so the work will be performed at the highest level. In addition, we give a twenty-day guarantee, during which you can show the dissertation to your supervisor and return it to us for revision in the event of significant comments.

General provisions

The structure of the thesis should be as follows:

  • Title page
  • Individual task to complete the thesis
  • Content
  • Introduction
  • Main part (usually 3 chapters)
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Applications

As you can see, the structure of the dissertation is very similar to the coursework plan, but there are minor deviations in the form of a more in-depth study of the topic, expanding the main part to three chapters, as well as adding an individual task to the body of the text of the dissertation.

So, let’s look at all the parts in more detail:

  1. Title page

On how to make and issue the title page of the thesis, you should tell in the university, because Each university sets its own standard for this.

  1. Individual task to complete the thesis

This is a purely formal part of the thesis, which indicates the theme of the thesis, the deadline for final delivery, a summary, a list of questions that help to open the topic, a list of illustrative material, the date of assignment.

  1. Content
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The content should reflect all the chapters and paragraphs of the thesis with paginated numbering.

  1. Introduction

Because The members of the attestation commission cannot read the whole dissertation work entirely; they only carefully study the introduction. Therefore, it is necessary to write the introduction of the dissertation so that the commission remains enthusiastic about reading. Try to make it as clear and concise as possible. Write on the case.

  1. The main part

The main part is the bulk of the thesis. It should consist of at least three chapters: the first is theoretical, the second should contain an analysis of any data, and the third is the practical part. Before writing the main part, it is necessary to conduct a thorough review of the literature (at least 50 sources). Detailed information on writing the main part of the thesis, read the articles “Theoretical part of the dissertation” and “Practical part of the dissertation.”

  1. Conclusion of the thesis

This part is one of the most important in the dissertation, along with the introduction. It is necessary to summarize the entire work, to draw conclusions about his research. Try to make it as clear and concise as the introduction. Do not write lengthy conclusions and do not “pour water”.

  1. List of references

As in other works, the dissertation must have a list of used literature. To learn how to properly design it, read the article “How to draw up a list of references.”

  1. Applications

At the end of the work submitted applications. This is a variety of charts, graphs, drawings, photographs, diagrams, examples of documents and much more. They must be issued on separate sheets and signed. The main text should contain links to each application.