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Report example

You need to prepare a report, but have you never done so? A ready-made report example is not quite able to help understand the writing process. You need to understand who, why and how the report is written. What is a report? The report is a work in which the student briefly and essentially reveals […]

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Relevant Historical Essay Topics

From students of educational institutions increasingly require an essay. The reason for this lies in the structure of the Unified State Examination. One part of the exam includes a similar task. So that you can complete it successfully, consider how to write an essay on history. What to avoid when choosing a history essay topic […]

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Cover page of the report

The title page of the report is the face of all your work, so you need to pay special attention to it. Moreover, they see him first when they pick up your work, and if it is incorrectly designed, it immediately catches your eye. What is the title page of the report for? The main […]

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List of references in the research paper

A research paper is a secondary work in its essence. The author of the research paper summarizes information from various sources, supplementing them with his conclusions. A mandatory requirement is the formation of a list of sources used, on which the research paper is based. Why is the bibliography written in the research paper Teachers […]

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The volume of coursework

When writing a coursework, it is important to correctly determine how many sheets it should have. Course work should not be too small or too large. How many pages should be in the coursework Many factors influence how much course work is considered ideal. We indicate the main ones: Scientific discipline. Coursework can be written […]

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How to defend a dissertation

How does the dissertation usually go? The student comes with his papers, worries, starts to read his report in a monotonous and quiet manner (so that his knees tremble for fear and do not want to irritate the commission). At this time, teachers sit, drink mineral water, continually discuss their immediate problems and, in general, […]

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